Newbies & Rubies

An article by, Aaron Burton

This is embarrassing to admit, but once upon a time I was a noob. Back in my World of Warcraft days my guild gave me the prestigious nickname of "Backpeddler" (BP for short). Though it was in jest, I can't say that I didn't deserve it. During a dungeon I was running from a giant spider while I was waiting for the tank to take threat from me.
Preoccupied with the spider, I didn't realize that I was walking backward toward the boss. This triggered the boss fight and all chaos ensued. However, those were the old days. I have grown and developed into a competent role-playing gamer.

2 Noobs and 1000 Gold is a fantasy-comedy written by Nax with art by Aitor Erana. The book is published by No Lands Productions. Though this story has been around for a few years it was recently released on Comixology. It seems as though these comics are in the process of being translated from Italian. The series spans five issues with two currently available in English.

Zoran is a musketeer-esque rapier wielding swordsman. Memlock is a foul-mouthed and abrasive dwarf. The duo is always on the hunt for adventure and loot. This includes fighting a necromancer's zombie army, giant pig robots, and an elderly fight club. No matter how important the adventure is, the two always find a way to screw something up. They are noobs after all.

2 Noobs and 1000 Gold does not hold back on jokes. The characters find themselves in over-the-top situations. This leads to an unrelenting string of slapstick gags and sarcastic dialogue. Each issue also includes humorous plot twists and turns. Nax and Erana do an excellent job of creating a universe that is ripe for silly antics.

The book's main art style is colorful and over-exaggerated. This blends will the Nax's humorous writing. Erana also takes time to bend and switch up the drawing style. For example, paintings in the story are made up of brush strokes which make them look more like a traditional painting. These panels stick out among the heavy vector-eqsue line art.

2 Noobs and 1000 Gold pokes fun at role-playing games and the fantasy genre in general. The book is filled with plenty of references to fantasy works and video games. My favorite example of this is when Zoran opens his jacket to search his inventory. Among the silly array of items we see that Zoran is in possession of Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda.

One of my favorite parts of 2 Noobs and 1000 Gold is how the creators end each issue. The last two pages of the comic include two scrolls. The first scroll is the Loot Register. This acts as a receipt for the protagonist's adventure. We get to see what loot they have earned, which is often diminished due to their mishaps and mistakes. The second scroll is the No Lands Compendium. This document furthers world-building by providing additional back story to the book's minor characters.

I will be keeping my eye out for the English releases of 2 Noobs and 1000 Gold. These books are more than worth their price tag. Each issue is twice as long as a normal comic. The creators pack a lot of story into a single installment. I often compare comic issues to a single episode of a television show. Each issue of 2 Noobs and 1000 Gold feels more like a full-length film.

2 Noobs and 1000 Gold is available through both Comixology and No Land Comics.

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