Ep. 60- Sand, Gangs, Brains

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 Written & drawn by, Akira Toriyama
Published by, Viz 
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 Written & drawn by, so many talented folks
 Written & drawn by, Gisele Legace
Published up, Udon
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Drawn by, Karl Kerschl & Msassyk
Published by, Image Comics
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 Written & drawn by, Ryan Heshka
Published by, Nobrow Press

 Written by, Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson
Drawn by, Piotr Kowalski
Published by, Black Mask

 Written & drawn by, Silvia Ballardini
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Releases on April 25th, 2018


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  2. Some of those covers reminded me a bit the Ghibli style of drawing. But more mature. Very cute, I would wish to see an animation, made by Ghibli, but based on more adult story. I am interested in the author of the painting, too. I tried to click for info, but didn't find anything.