One & Done! Or Is it?

An article by, Aaron Burton

Around the time of Halloween each year I like to treat myself to one of my favorite kinds of spooky media. Two sentence horror stories ask writers to come up with the scariest tale they can spin in just two lines. For example: "I have lived across from an abandoned asylum my entire life. At midnight on the 5th of every month, the hallway lights turn on for a brief moment." My story may not be the scariest, but many others have been able to use this restricted style to tell some of the most terrifying tales.

Some of the most powerful pieces of writing are short or use a self-restricted style. Short stories can reach their climax faster. The situations are often more intense. Writing restrictions make the plot harder to tell.  Creators need to find a way to balance immersion with providing information.  Achieving this harmony is not an easy feat.
One Page Comic Collection is written by Emmanuel Adelekun. The art is by Shangomola Edunjobi. The first volume was released on March 21st 2018. This book is a collection of comic stories that fit onto a single page. The stories vary in genre and content. However, the majority of the tales contain dark themes and noir elements.

Though each story has a different setting than the last, there do seem to be a few common threads and themes. One commonality is the invasive and destructive aspects of humanity. A few of the stories view humans from an outside perspective and it does not look good. Revenge is another prevailing motif in this book. Our protagonists often find a way to turn the tables by the end of the page.

Nothing is as it seems in One Page Comic Collection. It is astounding how the creators are able to flip the script in such a few amount of panels. This kept the book exciting in lieu of consistent characters and plots. Instead of waiting months for a story to reach its peak, we get to have a plot twist on every page.

Most of the stories feature two main colors. The backgrounds are one color with many of the stories being in black and white. Another color is used for accent and heavier shading. Having only a few panels to work with makes the accent colors even more important. These color choices provide important information and connections that enhances the plot.

One Page Comic Collection is quite the page turner. Fans of horror and noir, such as myself,  will enjoy the tone and content. This collection is also great for lovers of anthologies, especially works such as Silent Horror and Creepy. I love fast plot twists, and I am excited to delve more into the works of Adelekun and Edunjobi.

The final page of One Page Comic Collection asks the reader three important questions. The books asks which story was our favorite. It wants to know which plot twists we were able to see in advance. We are asked which color scheme was most appealing.

My favorite story in this collection was Happy Endings. This tale shows what seems to be the end of a film noir-style story. The art is black and white with red accents. This story is self-aware and shows the readers an extreme variation on the mobster story.

There were very few twists I was able to see in advance. This book does a great job of switching things up. There are even two back-to-back stories with similar endings. This gave me a feeling of uncertainty in terms of the storytelling. Anything can happen.  I was expecting completely different twists for every story. The fact that a lot of these stories share a similar theme gives this collection a wholeness among the chaos of the changing plot lines.

The color scheme in Jumper really caught my eye. The backgrounds are colored in pale orange/yellow. The shading is done in a pale purple. This story also contains a single panel that is mostly white and red. This is one of the few stories that does this. It was an exciting change in a collection where most of the story's coloring was internally consistent.

One Page Comic Collection is available through Comixology. Paperback copies can be bought through Amazon. Emmanuel Adelekun's website can be found here. Updates from Shangomola Edunjobi can be found at Oshe Comics.

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