The Plot Thickens...

An article by, Kelly Irelan

We have all felt vastly out of control at one point or another, like pawns in a game we never wanted to play. Being moved across the board without any will of your own can be frustrating to say the least. With no real answers and no one to place your faith in, where can a pawn turn? Seneca faces these very obstacles in the second issue of God Complex. It is difficult watching our protagonist being manipulated from nearly every corner, but no one ever said a hero’s journey was easy.

If you expected Apollo to suffer from a severe superiority complex, then you would be absolutely correct. Honestly, after meeting this guy, it’s plain to see the series is aptly titled. He brings to Seneca’s attention the revelation that Trinity’s One God is actually a Ruler who has defected, but who only exists somewhere in the depths of the Stream. Apollo charges Seneca with discovering the ex-Ruler’s whereabouts. Soon after, the investigator is met with gunfire in the streets and the dumped body of his late partner, Detective Rodgers. He’s been riddled with bullets, and upon further inspection, has been branded with the sigil of a resistance organization known only as The Coup. It seems they carry some anti-Ruler sentiments, and Hermes fears their possible alignment with Trinity. Athena, the wisest of the Rulers, makes her series debut in a private conversation with Apollo concerning the fate of young Seneca. Jess and Seneca have an exchange of their own in which Jess seems oddly defensive of the rebellious Coup. (OBVIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS, SENECA. HOW ARE YOU NOT SEEING THIS? YOU ARE A DETECTIVE. THIS IS LITERALLY YOUR JOB.) Hermes brings Seneca to the Temple of Fates for guidance, a place which houses a trio of personified databases for the use of mankind. Seneca finds it strange that the voices of these databases strongly remind him of the one he hears inside his own mind. Unfortunately, the Fates are incredibly cryptic, providing him with only extremely broad, base truths regarding Trinity. Seneca returns home to find Jess has orchestrated a friendly game night with some of their closest companions… JUST KIDDING, it’s The Coup and they have guns.

Jenkins is seriously putting Seneca through the ringer, but the storytelling is superb. Like any mystery worth its salt, we’re given clues sparingly. The first conversation with Jess was a big red flag as I’m sure it was for many of you, and I love how Jenkins accomplished that effect with a few carefully selected, unassuming statements. This gave him the opportunity for that fantastic “a-ha” moment at the end, which I particularly love in a comic. The medium is made for suspenseful finales. Another clue is presented to us at the Temple of Fates in the form of a voice. If the voice in Seneca’s head shares a great likeness to the voices of the Fates, I think there’s a real possibility (and I very well could be mistaken) the unidentified vocals belong to none other than Trinity’s One God. If Seneca is Stream sensitive, what’s to say this ex-Ruler hasn’t been communicating with him this entire time, sowing the seeds of dissent in his consciousness? Of course, this is only a theory, but what is verifiable is that Jenkins has given plenty of hints for the reader to chew on.

Prasetya expertly adds to the Ruler roster for this issue. We are given new glimpses of Apollo and Athena also briefly takes the stage. Their looks convey nothing but authority, but what I adore is how he has crafted their head pieces as a nod to the Greek gods from which they take their titles. Apollo has a circular crest above his helm, reminiscent of the Sun. If you are unfamiliar with the mythology, Apollo, among other things, is the god of light and the Sun. Athena’s helm, on the other hand, looks almost bird-like, which would make an awful lot of sense. Being the goddess of wisdom, she is occasionally represented by the symbol of the owl. I eagerly look forward to more innovative Ruler designs from Prasetya.

The conclusion of this installment leaves you with a betrayal and a monumental cliffhanger, but I’m excited to meet The Coup and discover all they have to offer as they fulfill the role of the Rulers’ opposition. In a world run by gods, mortals are pushing back, but what kind of force can they possibly muster against the likes of the Rulers? How are they tied to Trinity and this string of unexplained murders? Here’s hoping Seneca can discern the false from the true, and avoid losing his life in the process. You can buy God Complex here!

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