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An article by, Aaron Burton

There is an interesting relationship between technology and science fiction. Technology is always changing and improving. Since much of science fiction  features advanced or futuristic technology the genre must adapt to our current technological state. Many science fiction stories of the past contain technology that currently exists. Modern stories must innovate as technology develops. Since the emergence of augmented and virtual reality we have been looking for new and better ways to interface with computer technology. Alongside this research we are also seeing creators offer their takes on their relationship between technology and human biology.

BioPunks is written by Royce Adkins. The art is done by Brandon Grezbien. The book is published by Royce Comics and currently has two issues. This is a new series with the first issue premiering in January 2018. BioPunks is a science fiction action comic.

BioPunks centers around three main characters: Nya, Kaden and Otto. Each character possesses unique powers due to being subjects in an experiment named The Restore Program. A mysterious force called The Advent is looking to take out our three protagonists.

Each of the first two issues introduce one of the main characters. The first issue focuses on Nya, and the second issue focuses on Kaden. So far their stories take place on a very small scale. We to get to see snippets of the characters' lives up close. There is not a lot of world building so far, but I feel that is a good thing. One of the most gripping aspects of BioPunks is the mystery surrounding the plot. We have only received bits of information about this story's universe, but that makes every scene and speech bubble that much more important. The comic's website even has the unknown character's blacked out until their issue drops.

As evident on the covers, each character has a piece of technology attached to their spine. The pieces seem to be metal and often glow purple. This seems to be the source or control of their powers. So for there has been very little interaction or discussion of the spinal attachments. I am sure we will learn more about them as we learn more about The Restore Program.

Grezbien's art in BioPunks is creative and unique. The comic starts off as mostly white. Only the characters are colored in grey scale. One of my favorite panels in the first issue involves Nya setting a down a plate where all the food is white. As the stories get more intense, more and more colors start to pop in. This is a great way to add intensity and importance to specific panels. The fonts used for the lettering in BioPunks also helps add to the story's immersion. For example, loud noises are shown in a paintbrush or calligraphy style script.

I'm hooked. In the upcoming months we will get to meet Otto and learn more about the story's universe. The mystery in the writing combined with the unique artwork creates a solid foundation for this book to build upon. I can't wait to continue to unfold the story of BioPunks.

You can check out BioPunks in their webstore.

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