FTLI #52- Senior Love, Angry Cupids, Wrong Doings

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Collected by, Nadia Shammas
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Written & drawn by, Sebastian Chow
The story of a cat in space

Written & adapted by, Damien Duffy
Drawn by, John Jennings
Original novel by, Octavia E. Butler
Published by, Abrams
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Written by, Justin Jordan
Drawn by, Donal Delay
Published by, Image Comics

Written by, Kwanza Osajyefo
Drawn by, Jennifer Johnson
Published by, Black Mask
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Written by, Garth Matthams
Drawn by, Kenan Hallilovic
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Written by, Tony Medina
Illustrated by, Stacey Robinson & John Jennings
Published by, Tu Books
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Written by, Tee Franklin
Drawn by, Jenn St-Onge
Published by, Image Comics
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Comic releases for February 14th, 2018

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