Buffalo Blues

An article by, Aaron Burton

Everyone has at least one aspect of their past which haunts them. No one is perfect and our mistakes may take a while for us to emotionally process. We can also be victims of traumatic events or regrettable experiences. Our memories may not always be rosy and this can have great  impacts on our current mindset.

CGI Buffalo is written and drawn by Tom De Geeter. There is currently one issue of the book which was released on February 14th 2018. The book may be considered a dramedy with mystery elements. CGI Buffalo is published by independent music label Marathon of Dope. There is currently one issue of the comic available digitally. It looks as though the first three issues are available through the publisher directly.

Ceegee is an anthropomorphic buffalo who works as a radio host and DJ. Unsure about his past, Ceegee is haunted by night terrors and insomnia. His dreams begin to blend with reality when he receives a cryptic and ominous phone call to his radio show. Is Ceegee beginning an adventure of self-discovery? Or is his paranoia getting the best of him?

Ceegee is an interesting character. His insomnia has him in a constant state of paranoia and irritability. Though he is often cynical and rude to others, the people in his life seem to empathize with what he is going through. Despite his irrationality, Ceegee is surprisingly self-aware and introspective. He wants nothing more than a fresh start. Escaping the past can be difficult when you don't know where to start.

Having only read the first issue, the majority of the plot is still a mystery to me. That said, the mystery is enough to keep me coming back. In this issue we are shown the protagonist in pain and down on his luck. Only time will tell if Ceegee's journey into his past will end up providing him with a better quality of life.

CGI Buffalo makes of a lot of creative choices when it comes to the book's visual representation. Though most of the panels offer flat coloring, many areas and backgrounds use realistic looking textures. This adds a great layer of dynamics to the art. In addition to traditional speech bubbles De Geeter utilizes large blocks of while text on a black background for narration.

CGI Buffalo was my favorite book this week. The book is filled with dark humor and pop culture references. The art style and writing tone remind me of one of my favorite books; Lemire's Sweet Tooth. From what I can tell this is Tom De Geeter and Marathon of Dope's first published comic book. I hope they continue to release more comics.

CGI Buffalo is available through Comixology as well as Marathon of Dope.

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