FTLI #50- The 90's, Tiny Horror, Lady Justice

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Written & drawn by, Tara O'Connor
Published by, Oni Press

Written by, Sharon Shinn
Published by, First Second

Written by, David Gaffney
Drawn by, Dan Berry
Published by, Top Shelf

Written & drawn by, Jason Little
Published by Beekeeper/Top Shelf
Buy Jack's Luck Runs Out

Written & drawn by, Matthew Bogart

Written by, Fabien Vehlmann
Drawn by, Kerascoet
Published by, Drawn & Quarterly
Buy Beautiful Darkness

Written by, Shad Clark & Kristen Schwarz
Drawn by, Ari Syahrazad
Published by, Shwarkhaus
Buy The Black Dahlias

Written & drawn by, Matt Sheehan & Malachi Ward
Published in Image Comics
Buy Island
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Releases on January 31st, 2018

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