FTLI #48- Talking Weapons, Da Vinci, Space Gods

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Written by, James Smith
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Written by, Pete James Ford
Drawn by, Jed Dougherty 
Published by, Resolution Independent Comics

Written & drawn by, Pat Aulisio
Published by, Hic & Hoc

Written by, Justin Jordan
Drawn by, Eleonora Carnili
Published by, Aftershock Comics

Written & drawn by, Kate Leth
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Written by, Paul Allor
Drawn by, Chris Evenhuis
Published by, Aftershock Comics

Written & drawn by, 

Written by, Sarah Vaughn
Drawn by, Leila Del Duca
Published by, Image Comics

Written by, Fred Van Lente
Drawn by, Stephen Segovia
Published by, Valiant Comics

Releases on January 17th, 2018

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