For The Love of Indie #40- Bottoms Up, Work Through It, What is Left

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Created/edited by, Josh Trujillo
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 Collected/edited by, J.T. Yost
Published by, Birdcage Bottom Books

Illustrations by, Daniel Irizarri
Published by, Lion Forge/Buño

Written & drawn by, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell
Published by, ShortBox

Written & drawn by, Kate Leth
Listen to Less Than Live

 Written and drawn by, Luke Howard
More info about The Big Mystery Case

 Written & drawn by, Nicky Soh
Check out the Rock Mary Rock website

 Written & drawn by, Charles Burns
Published by, Kitchen Sink Press

Written by, Charlie Stickney
Drawn by, Conor Hughes
Colors by, Fin Cramb
Visit the White Ash website

Learn more about SeerNova Comics 
Get in on the ground floor with SeerNova Comics by backing their Indiegogo

Comic releases for November 1st, 2017


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