For The Love of Indie #34- Shit & Piss, Magical Girl Apocalypse, Your Black Friend

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Writer: Brian Spinney
Artist: Robin Keijzer
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Writer/Artist: Steven Ingram
Publisher: Blurred Line Comics
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Writer/Artist: Tyler Landry
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Writer/Artist: Gemma Correll
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Buy Worrier's Guide to Life here

Writer/Artist: Ben Passmore
Publisher: Silver Sprocket
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Writer/Artist: Thom Zahler
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Buy Time & Vine #1 here

Writer/Artist: Kentaro Sato
Publisher: Seven Seas
Buy Magical Girl Apocalypse here

Writer/Artist: Virva E. Auvinen
Find out more about Alchemy here
Buy White As The Jasmine Flower here

Writer/Artist: Mark Kalesniko
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Buy Mail Order Bride here

Releases for August 9, 2017

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