For The Love of Indie ep. 11- Geis, Andre, Flamecon

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Kickstarter Alert
Egypt Urnash, aka Margaret Trauth's tale of a lesbian robot traveling through realities comes to a head and gets collected in it's entirety with this Kickstarter. An interesting color pallet and Eisner-esque illustration walks us through this sci-fi adventure. Back the project and get a copy for as little as $10 here.

Satan's Sodomy Baby 2 shows our little "hero" putting together his 4 horsemen to bring the end times to Earth. Eric Powell's always impressive visuals and impressive wit guide the reader through a book with guest stars such as Jack Kirby, Donald Trump, and God. SSB2 is published by Albatross Funnybooks. This book is ONLY available physically, so get on it!

After a vampire scourge ravaged the Earth, the citizens of the planet had to find a new home. That home is Palus, and while the humans are thriving on their new planet, the vampires are getting smarter, finding ways to reach them. The only one who can stop them: the female named Poli. This book breathes some new life into the sci-fi genre and is written by Donny Cates with art by Dylan Burnett. Pick up the series from Comixology.

Shawn Daley brings a new fantasy world to life in his series, TerraQuill. The ashcan I got a chance to read collects 2 of the 10 stories of this new and strange land, both with lessons and themes that meld into the fantasy realm perfectly. Daley's art gives a detailed, well drawn look at a genre revitalizing series. Pick up the collected addition or his other works here.

Abelard has met the bird of his dreams, and is out to win her heart. Finding her and proving his love will be very difficult, but perhaps the help of a curmudgeonly bear will make it happen. This book was created by Renaud Dillies and Regis Hautiere and can be bought on Comixology, where there's also a free preview. Oh and I said Hautiere was the artist on the episode, I was wrong, Dillies is.

Alexis Deacon's Geis introduces us to a cast of characters competeing to be the next chief of all the land. However, the witch running the competition has made sure there are dire consequences to failing. Another impressive book in the library of NoBrow Press, Geis is a beautiful Windsor McKay-esque story that's not to be missed.

Kevin Gilligan of Geeks Out joins me to discuss Flame Con 2, a convention in August that focuses on the LGBTQ community. We discuss how the con came to be, who the folks of Geeks Out are, how recent occurrences have effected the event, and who's going to be there. Join in on the fun this August and buy your tickets to this celebration of all things geek here.

Nostalgia Corner
Andre the Giant is legitimately a legend, and Box Brown does his story justice. We get to see how he began to wrestle, his work on Princess Pride, the way he interacted with other pros, and much more. This biography shows us the good and the bad, humanizing Andre in a new and exclusive way. Box Brown is an incredible talent, and that's proven in this masterpiece of a book.

Comic Releases:
July 20th, 2016

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