For The Love of Indie #9- Hinges, Emily Ree, Mars Attacks

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Kickstarter Alert:
Primahood: Magenta

Tyler Cohen is working to bring her story of gender identity and the female experience to print and you can help. The story focuses on some important ideas and has some great, painterly illustrations. Back the project for as little as $10 to get the book here! (starts at 0m44s)

Green Leader

Daniel Warren Johnson takes 30 seconds from a Return of The Jedi space battle and turns it into a thing of pure beauty. See what life is like before and during a battle for two pilots in love, and catch some stunningly detailed visuals in the process. Check out the clip from the movie AND the comic for free here. Also, listen to the 11 O'clock Comics Podcast ep. 424 for an awesome interview with the creator himself! (starts at 3m17s)

Die Kitty Die

Kitty, the titular Sabrina pastiche has her own comic series but it isn't doing well. What's the best way to bring attention to a comic? Kill off the main character. This love letter to the industry is written by Fernando Ruiz with art by Dan Parent, colors by Rich Koslowski and J. Bone, letters by Janice Chiang, and additional art by Gisele Legace, J. Bone, and Shari. Check out the first issue for only $3 here and preorder the hardcover from (starts at 7m57s)


Melody Often's Trinadot takes the "stranger in a strange place" motif to a whole new level. A young girl is thrown from a crashed plane into a world of disgraced monks, lush environments, and missing people. You can see Melody's fantasty tale and enjoyable art for yourself at (starts at 11m55s)


The elder leader of a tribe of children has succumbed to his age, and the young shaman apprentice Kol has taken his place. Will he be able to keep the other kids safe from the dangers of the surrounding woods? This series is written by Fabian Rangel Jr., drawn by Logan Faerber, with letters by letters by Warren Montgomery. Pick up the first chapter for no cost on the new Stela app. (starts at 14m34s)

Hinges Book 1

Orio wakes up and is immediately thrust into becoming a member of the town of Cobble. With her new companion, an Odd named Bauble, she struggles to find her place in this new society. Meredith McClaren is a master of illustration, narrative, and world building as proven from this webcomic. Take a look for yourself here and make sure to check out Heart in a Box as well! (starts at 18m17s)

A Chat w/Emily Ree

Emily Ree joins me to discuss the beginnings and craft of her webcomic, Anarchy Dreamers. Listen in to learn all about her and her cast of characters that have all been resurrected with abilities based on the colors of their souls. Intrigued yet? You should be. Follow Emily on Twitter and check out her Patreon to keep up on the story and get some extras. (starts at 27m9s)

Nostalgia Corner:
Mars Attacks vol. 1

Mars Attacks! From collectible cards to comics to silly movies, I love this franchise. This collection was no exception. When did the aliens first come to Earth? What do they want? Can a man on top of a giant flea stop them? All of these questions and more are answered here. I truly enjoyed this book, it's pure fun. This volume is written by John Layman with art by John McCrea and colors by Andrew Elder. You can find it digitally here. (starts at 51m44s)

Comic Releases:
June 22, 2016
(starts at 54m16s)

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