For The Love of Indie ep. 6

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Coming Soon from Valiant:
All of these books are on the slate for Valiant Comics in the upcoming months. Listen in for creative teams and descriptions!

Kickstarter Alert: Hollow Mountain
Hollow Mountain is the story of an amnesiac named Nicolas who traverses the fantastical and dangerous world of Paeroa along with Gebs the ape man, Backpack the backpack, and a girl named Roz, who he has a strange connection with. The title is drawn and written by Austin James and can be yours by backing with only $10. Between the synopsis and the illustration style, this is looking to be a real treat. Get in on the action here!

Love: The Lion 
Love: The Lion is the third in the Love series after Love: The Tiger and Love: The Fox. It is written by Frédéric Brrémaud with art by Federico Bertolucci and is published by Magnetic Press. This entry in the series goes into the realistic day of the life of a lion. It is brutal, beautiful, and worth your time. Check out some of the imagery here!

Run Boys Run
Michiru Morikawa's Run Boys Run tells the story of a wizard in training, robot boy, and lycanthropic prince who are trying to keep the world safe from other worldly monsters and have fun in the process. The book has some great manga-style art and fun characters vignettes thrown in, giving the reader a real bang for their buck. You can pick this up at Birdcage Bottom Books!

Mother Russia
Teamed up with a dog, a baby, and Nazi officer Otto Steiner, Svetlana Gorshkov aka Mother Russia struggles to survive in a country under siege by zombies. The series is written and illustrated by Jeff McComsey (published by Alterna), who creates tension on every page with endless hordes approaching our quartet and character realizations that sides no longer matter. You can pick this series up from Comixology!

Heck and his mummified high school friend Elliot regularly venture into Hell via an entrance in Heck's house to get closure for loved ones. In this particular outing, the duo is going to find closure for a woman who Heck has been interested in for a very long time. However, what starts as a routine trip to Hell may turn out to be more painful and gutwrenching than they planned. With strong emotional beats, clever interpretations of the underworld and exceptional character dynamics, Zander Cannon once again proves what a truly masterful craftsman he is. 

A Chat w/Katy Rex
Listen in to hear all about Katy's beginnings in the industry as well as the comics she is currently working on! What is she working on you ask? Well let's just say it involves Jane Bowles, a private school for magical girls, incredibly diverse casts of characters, and someone having the Midas Touch of gayness. Take a look at her successfully funded Kickstarter for Strange Wit and keep an eye out for Jade Street Protection Services with art by Fabian Lelay as well as her upcoming short story in the Ladies Night Anthology with Stephanie Mided (check out her Instagram too). You can ask Katy about her books on Twitter at thekatyrex or check out

Nostalgia Corner: Future Quest #1

Jonny Quest! Birdman! Space Ghost! All of my favorites in one place. I know it's odd for FTLI to be discussing a new DC issue, but it ties into nostalgia! Man this hit all of the buttons for characters young Drew loves, and gave them new life. If you remember these characters, you need this. The glorious first issue is written by Jeff Parker with art by Evan "Doc" Shaner and Steve "The Dude" Rude.

Comic Releases:

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