For The Love of Indie ep. 5

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An Industry in Mourning
Darwyn Cooke has passed, and for that the industry suffers. Please consider donating to the Hero Initiative to help other creators in the industry who may be going through harsh times.

Kickstarter Alert: Victims of Villains
Victims of Villains: A Support Group is the story of a world of people (particularly Jacob in this story) who are forced to deal with villains of Mack City in every day life. The series is to be written by Branden Conejo who absolutely guarantees that this story will come out one way or another. He also has an open call for artists! Back it for only $15 to secure a digital copy of the book and check out all of the other perks here!

Space Battle Lunchtime #1
Written and drawn by Natalie Riess and published by Oni Press, Space Battle Lunchtime features a young woman named Peony who finds herself on an intergalactic cooking show. Aboard the station hosting the show, the readers get a look at the colorful and varied species and how they all interact together. Riess's title is fun for all ages and looks fantastic. Jump on now!

Mean Girls Club
Mean Girls Club is a glimpse into the mayhem caused by the title group in a single night. They are violent, crass, drug addled, and determined to cause a ruckus. This book is written/drawn by Ryan Heshka and published by Nobrow and is a hell of a lot of fun. Heshka draws these pin up style females in the most ridiculous of situations, filling the book with laughs, obscurity, and incredible character models. Check it out for the most fun kind of chaos.

 The King
Elvis Presley has returned! Or has he... Paul Erfurt is a fallen from graces reporter determined to find out if the recently resurrected celebrity is truly The King, a god of music, or a total fraud. Filled with intrigue and compelling from the first page to the last, Rich Koslowski creates a thought provoking book that will make the reader question the outcome every couple of pages. It's a hell of a ride, and is published by Top Shelf Productions.

A Chat w/Ed Luce
I had the pleasure of having Ed Luce on the show and we discussed everything from how he got started to where he came up with the world of Wuvable Oaf to what you can expect entering the industry. Ed is an incredible talented writer artist and is constantly working to grow his Oaf property. Get a taste of Wuvable Oaf with his color shorts on VICE, see where Ed's going to be and buy some of the story from, and see what the Oaf himself is up to on his Facebook. Oh, and make sure to keep up with what Ed is doing on Instagram.

Nostalgia Corner:
Barbarella: The Moon Child
 Barbarella is at it once again (in 1977)! This time around she must venture into the dreamscape of the cosmonaut Browningwell, to figure out how to wake him up. While in there, she explores the interesting, fantastical world and may even find a bit of love. The story is honestly fun, not exactly politically correct, but fun. Jean-Claude Forest is an incredible artist, and the whimsy and vibrancy of Barbarella's adventures are worth checking out. This has not been reprinted BUT a nice hardcover volume with her first two adventures, adapted by Kelly Sue DeConnick, is coming out this December. Here, take a look!

 Comics to Look Out For:

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