For the Love of Indie ep. 4

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Kickstarter Alert: Star Trucker
Jackson Rahl (writing) and Tadd Galusha (art) tell the story of Samuel Corvus, a man traversing the stars in his trusty rig with his trusty dog. What strange creatures will he meet? What intriguing cargo will he deliver? Back it and find out! You can get a PDF copy for as low as $5! Check it out here!

Victorian Bareknuckle League
 From Carl Jackson (writing) and Jake Bilbao we get the story of a Victorian woman driven from her peaceful existence into the seedy underbelly of violent fisticuffs! Violence, incredible character models, and compelling dialogue are going to drive this story into enjoyably unexpectable directions

Black Suit of Death: Ides of March
Ben Kreger & Ed Ellsworth helm this comic with Stefano Cardoselli on art duty. I mentioned the campaign a few weeks ago, and this prelude lets you know what's in store. Discover the origin of death through the advanced civilization that created it. The comic is an excellent new take on death. That campaign is still going, find it here!

The Hunter
Joe Sparrow's The Hunter (from NoBrow Press) displays a man bent on hunting one of every animal. Soon he may discover that the final creature is going to be the toughest of all. This eye opening, pixelated read has incredible creature design and a well crafted narrative AND can be bought digitally here!

The Experts
Sophie Franz takes us on a journey into mystery with a small research team and their french speaking dog who have been sent to a small house in the middle of a lake to figure out what the nature of these strange aqua men is all about. Odd story and odd visuals drives the reader ever deeper into this book, and the results are fascinating. The Experts is put out by Retrofit/Big Planet and can be bought here!

Legend #1  
Legend is written by Samuel Sattin with art by Chris Kohler (published by Z2 Comics)and features a post apocalyptic world where animals (primarily dogs and cats) run things. When a curious beast has murdered one of the dog tribe, Legend and the other canine's are determined to investigation or at the very least, prepare. This is an apocalyptic story the likes of which hasn't been made before, and if you don't believe me, check out this trailer!

Cursed Pirate Girl vol. 1
Cursed Pirate Girl is written by Jeremy Bastian (published by Archaia) and tells the story of... well... The Cursed Pirate Girl! Aided by the parrot Pepper Dice, this young lady is on a mission to the whimsical Omerta Seas to find her pirate captain of a father. Exceptional story, masterful art, this book is an absolute must for any collection.

Nostalgia Corner: Silent Hill vol. 2 
There are a bunch of Silent Hill comics, some good some... not so much. This tome, however, magically captures the 3 best, all of which are written by Tom Waltz. Sinner's Reward is drawn by Steph Stamb and tells the tale of a mobster that accidentally travels to Silent Hill to look for his girl, only to be met with terrors from his past. Past Life, with art by menton3, shows a family in the 1800s moving to Silent Hill to start over, but nothing stays buried for long in the dreadful town. Downpour: Anne's Story, drawn by Tristan Jones. shows the tragic life of Anne, a cop who gets everything taken away from her chasing the culprit of her hardships into the foggy little town of Silent Hill. If you like the games, any of the games, then this is the volume to get. With the three best comics in the line collected in this volume, it is a must for fans of the cursed town.

Comics to look out for:

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