For The Love of Indie ep. 3

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Chester 5000: Isabelle and George
The talented Jess Fink is bringing us the 2nd volume of her erotic and empowering somewhat science fiction series. In this volume we get to see the interactions with a new couple but in a familiar setting. Backing for only $18 will score you a copy of the PDF and $45 gets you physical copies of both volumes. Don't take my word for it though, Kickstart it for yourself

The Fourth Planet #1
Written by Fred Kennedy with art by Miko Maciaszek, this series (formerly a webcomic) focuses on a group of humans who are forced land on a strange planet. There are also two warring species on the planet, so the question is, how will they react to these visitors. With well thought out dialogue and an intense and enjoyable style/color scheme, this should be on your radar.

And Then Emily Was Gone
Published by ComixTribe with story by John Lees and art by Iain Laurie, And Then Emily Was Gone tells the story of Greg, a man who can see monsters, and Fiona, a girl looking for her missing friend Emily. In a very peculiar place, the duo seeks out poor Emily, but they can't shake the feeling that her disappearance is related to the monstrous creature, Bonnie Shaw. Rife with powerful terror, disturbing visuals, and an interesting take on an urban legend ATEWG will get under your skin in all the right ways. See what John Lees has to say about Bonnie Shaw and head to NoiseTrade to try out the first issue of the series. 

Nostalgia Corner: Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot
It was a cartoon and it was a comic, but where is it now? Frank Miller & Geof Darrow weave a tale about a primordial beast made of pure evil and the two heroes invented to stop it. It has a robotic little boy, a mechanical force to be reckoned with, and people getting turned into dinosaurs. What more do you need?! Oh also, it's now back in print!

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