For The Love of Indie ep. 7

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Oh look, show notes: 

Kickstarter Alert:
Raised on Ritalin
In this project Tyler Page has collects his experiences of being diagnosed with ADD and creates an education model for people to have a better understanding of ADD and ADHD. He also provides a bit of a graphic history on the subject and how it pertain to modern psychiatry. Back this project for only $20 to get this important, informative book. (starts at 2m18s)

Lonesomes #1 
Lonesomes is a Pokemon-esque storyt about creatures who help kids out with the complex feeling of Loneliness. The Kickstarter was recently funded and the book will be out before you know it! Lonesomes is written by Ryan Little with art by Eder Messiah and colors by Fahriza Kamaputra. Keep an eye out for this title and get more info here. (starts at 5m16s)

Chum #1
Chum is a new mini series from ComixTribe that creates the new genre of surf noir (at least new to me). On Kingsford Island people can expect a lot of surfing, sub-par cops, interesting local flavor, and more than a little crime. When one individual wants to skip town, everything starts to turn upside down. This story is written by Ryan K. Lindsay, with art by Sami Kivela, colors by Mark Dale, and letters by Nic J. Shaw. Get in on the instant action of this book here. (starts at 7m18s)

Hollow In The Hollows
Hollow In The Hollows tells the slice of life story of a young girl named Mary, who prefers the fantasy of forest spirits to the reality of going to school. When she stumbles upon a hollow tree and an animal skull, she thinks it might be her chance to get more involved with the stories she wants to believe. This title is written by Dakota McFadzean and can be purchased from Birdcage Bottom Books. (starts at 11m5s)

Crystal Cadets
Crystal Cadets is a magical girl tale featuring Zoe, a shy girl gifted a gem, and with it a destiny. Teaming up with other girls with similar abilities, Zoe ventures out to stop dark creatures that are terrorizing the planet. Crystal Cadets is written by Anne Toole with art by Katie O'neill. This collection is published by IDW and collects issues 1-8 of the Lion Forge Comics series. You can pick up the digital trade or issues here. (starts at 14m24s)

In Josh Bayer's Theth, a young man named Seth is trying to get through a life one comic book at a time. Facing a dysfunctional family, shady individuals, and the fallout from John Lennon's death, Seth escapes to the world of comics donning a spacesuit, trying to forget about the world. Pick up this book from the Retrofit store. (starts at 18m15s)

Death Follows
Death Follows, originally a prose piece titled Remains and a limited series on Monkeybrain, is written by Cullen Bunn with art by A.C. Zamudio with colors by Carlos Nicolas Zamudio. When the gangly, crooked smiled man known as Cole Jensen comes to the farm of Birdie's father, something doesn't seem right. When Birdie notices that the dead won't stay dead with Jensen around, she feels the need to act, but how? This writer/artist duo has formed a tome of true fear, complete with the original prose piece in the back. The collection is published by Dark Horse and would be a fine edition to any horror library. (starts at 22m37s)

Nostalgia Corner:
Scooby Apocalypse
The second in the Hanna Barbara re-imaginings and relaunches, Scooby Apocalypse introduces us to Velma the secret corporation scientist, Shaggy the hipster dog trainer, Fred & Daphne the late night TV crew, and the emoji savvy Scooby Doo. There are some really cool ideas here and the art is vibrant and fun, but I just couldn't get into it. They just aren't the characters I knew and loved. This issue is written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis with art by Howard Porter, colors by Hi-Fi, and letters by Nick J. Nap. (starts at 32m28s)

Tobey Truestory's webcomic Impisha chronicles Cathagrel, a stranger in a strange land, as she runs into cryptic individuals, dark forces, and characters from her past. Read the first chapter of this manga-styled fantasy epic here. (starts at 35m59s)

Sirens of Scream
Sirens of Scream is a new horror podcast hosted by Jackie DeVore, Sierra Houk, and friend of the site (as well as co-host of The Missfits) Melissa Megan. The show just started and these ladies are clearly excited and passionate about horror, so jump on it! Here a bit about the show from the ladies themselves here. (starts at 37m 30s)

Comics Releases:
June 1st, 2016
(starts at 38m24s)

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For The Love of Indie ep. 6

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Oh look, here are the show notes:

Coming Soon from Valiant:
All of these books are on the slate for Valiant Comics in the upcoming months. Listen in for creative teams and descriptions!

Kickstarter Alert: Hollow Mountain
Hollow Mountain is the story of an amnesiac named Nicolas who traverses the fantastical and dangerous world of Paeroa along with Gebs the ape man, Backpack the backpack, and a girl named Roz, who he has a strange connection with. The title is drawn and written by Austin James and can be yours by backing with only $10. Between the synopsis and the illustration style, this is looking to be a real treat. Get in on the action here!

Love: The Lion 
Love: The Lion is the third in the Love series after Love: The Tiger and Love: The Fox. It is written by Frédéric Brrémaud with art by Federico Bertolucci and is published by Magnetic Press. This entry in the series goes into the realistic day of the life of a lion. It is brutal, beautiful, and worth your time. Check out some of the imagery here!

Run Boys Run
Michiru Morikawa's Run Boys Run tells the story of a wizard in training, robot boy, and lycanthropic prince who are trying to keep the world safe from other worldly monsters and have fun in the process. The book has some great manga-style art and fun characters vignettes thrown in, giving the reader a real bang for their buck. You can pick this up at Birdcage Bottom Books!

Mother Russia
Teamed up with a dog, a baby, and Nazi officer Otto Steiner, Svetlana Gorshkov aka Mother Russia struggles to survive in a country under siege by zombies. The series is written and illustrated by Jeff McComsey (published by Alterna), who creates tension on every page with endless hordes approaching our quartet and character realizations that sides no longer matter. You can pick this series up from Comixology!

Heck and his mummified high school friend Elliot regularly venture into Hell via an entrance in Heck's house to get closure for loved ones. In this particular outing, the duo is going to find closure for a woman who Heck has been interested in for a very long time. However, what starts as a routine trip to Hell may turn out to be more painful and gutwrenching than they planned. With strong emotional beats, clever interpretations of the underworld and exceptional character dynamics, Zander Cannon once again proves what a truly masterful craftsman he is. 

A Chat w/Katy Rex
Listen in to hear all about Katy's beginnings in the industry as well as the comics she is currently working on! What is she working on you ask? Well let's just say it involves Jane Bowles, a private school for magical girls, incredibly diverse casts of characters, and someone having the Midas Touch of gayness. Take a look at her successfully funded Kickstarter for Strange Wit and keep an eye out for Jade Street Protection Services with art by Fabian Lelay as well as her upcoming short story in the Ladies Night Anthology with Stephanie Mided (check out her Instagram too). You can ask Katy about her books on Twitter at thekatyrex or check out

Nostalgia Corner: Future Quest #1

Jonny Quest! Birdman! Space Ghost! All of my favorites in one place. I know it's odd for FTLI to be discussing a new DC issue, but it ties into nostalgia! Man this hit all of the buttons for characters young Drew loves, and gave them new life. If you remember these characters, you need this. The glorious first issue is written by Jeff Parker with art by Evan "Doc" Shaner and Steve "The Dude" Rude.

Comic Releases:

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For The Love of Indie ep. 5

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An Industry in Mourning
Darwyn Cooke has passed, and for that the industry suffers. Please consider donating to the Hero Initiative to help other creators in the industry who may be going through harsh times.

Kickstarter Alert: Victims of Villains
Victims of Villains: A Support Group is the story of a world of people (particularly Jacob in this story) who are forced to deal with villains of Mack City in every day life. The series is to be written by Branden Conejo who absolutely guarantees that this story will come out one way or another. He also has an open call for artists! Back it for only $15 to secure a digital copy of the book and check out all of the other perks here!

Space Battle Lunchtime #1
Written and drawn by Natalie Riess and published by Oni Press, Space Battle Lunchtime features a young woman named Peony who finds herself on an intergalactic cooking show. Aboard the station hosting the show, the readers get a look at the colorful and varied species and how they all interact together. Riess's title is fun for all ages and looks fantastic. Jump on now!

Mean Girls Club
Mean Girls Club is a glimpse into the mayhem caused by the title group in a single night. They are violent, crass, drug addled, and determined to cause a ruckus. This book is written/drawn by Ryan Heshka and published by Nobrow and is a hell of a lot of fun. Heshka draws these pin up style females in the most ridiculous of situations, filling the book with laughs, obscurity, and incredible character models. Check it out for the most fun kind of chaos.

 The King
Elvis Presley has returned! Or has he... Paul Erfurt is a fallen from graces reporter determined to find out if the recently resurrected celebrity is truly The King, a god of music, or a total fraud. Filled with intrigue and compelling from the first page to the last, Rich Koslowski creates a thought provoking book that will make the reader question the outcome every couple of pages. It's a hell of a ride, and is published by Top Shelf Productions.

A Chat w/Ed Luce
I had the pleasure of having Ed Luce on the show and we discussed everything from how he got started to where he came up with the world of Wuvable Oaf to what you can expect entering the industry. Ed is an incredible talented writer artist and is constantly working to grow his Oaf property. Get a taste of Wuvable Oaf with his color shorts on VICE, see where Ed's going to be and buy some of the story from, and see what the Oaf himself is up to on his Facebook. Oh, and make sure to keep up with what Ed is doing on Instagram.

Nostalgia Corner:
Barbarella: The Moon Child
 Barbarella is at it once again (in 1977)! This time around she must venture into the dreamscape of the cosmonaut Browningwell, to figure out how to wake him up. While in there, she explores the interesting, fantastical world and may even find a bit of love. The story is honestly fun, not exactly politically correct, but fun. Jean-Claude Forest is an incredible artist, and the whimsy and vibrancy of Barbarella's adventures are worth checking out. This has not been reprinted BUT a nice hardcover volume with her first two adventures, adapted by Kelly Sue DeConnick, is coming out this December. Here, take a look!

 Comics to Look Out For:

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For the Love of Indie ep. 4

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Kickstarter Alert: Star Trucker
Jackson Rahl (writing) and Tadd Galusha (art) tell the story of Samuel Corvus, a man traversing the stars in his trusty rig with his trusty dog. What strange creatures will he meet? What intriguing cargo will he deliver? Back it and find out! You can get a PDF copy for as low as $5! Check it out here!

Victorian Bareknuckle League
 From Carl Jackson (writing) and Jake Bilbao we get the story of a Victorian woman driven from her peaceful existence into the seedy underbelly of violent fisticuffs! Violence, incredible character models, and compelling dialogue are going to drive this story into enjoyably unexpectable directions

Black Suit of Death: Ides of March
Ben Kreger & Ed Ellsworth helm this comic with Stefano Cardoselli on art duty. I mentioned the campaign a few weeks ago, and this prelude lets you know what's in store. Discover the origin of death through the advanced civilization that created it. The comic is an excellent new take on death. That campaign is still going, find it here!

The Hunter
Joe Sparrow's The Hunter (from NoBrow Press) displays a man bent on hunting one of every animal. Soon he may discover that the final creature is going to be the toughest of all. This eye opening, pixelated read has incredible creature design and a well crafted narrative AND can be bought digitally here!

The Experts
Sophie Franz takes us on a journey into mystery with a small research team and their french speaking dog who have been sent to a small house in the middle of a lake to figure out what the nature of these strange aqua men is all about. Odd story and odd visuals drives the reader ever deeper into this book, and the results are fascinating. The Experts is put out by Retrofit/Big Planet and can be bought here!

Legend #1  
Legend is written by Samuel Sattin with art by Chris Kohler (published by Z2 Comics)and features a post apocalyptic world where animals (primarily dogs and cats) run things. When a curious beast has murdered one of the dog tribe, Legend and the other canine's are determined to investigation or at the very least, prepare. This is an apocalyptic story the likes of which hasn't been made before, and if you don't believe me, check out this trailer!

Cursed Pirate Girl vol. 1
Cursed Pirate Girl is written by Jeremy Bastian (published by Archaia) and tells the story of... well... The Cursed Pirate Girl! Aided by the parrot Pepper Dice, this young lady is on a mission to the whimsical Omerta Seas to find her pirate captain of a father. Exceptional story, masterful art, this book is an absolute must for any collection.

Nostalgia Corner: Silent Hill vol. 2 
There are a bunch of Silent Hill comics, some good some... not so much. This tome, however, magically captures the 3 best, all of which are written by Tom Waltz. Sinner's Reward is drawn by Steph Stamb and tells the tale of a mobster that accidentally travels to Silent Hill to look for his girl, only to be met with terrors from his past. Past Life, with art by menton3, shows a family in the 1800s moving to Silent Hill to start over, but nothing stays buried for long in the dreadful town. Downpour: Anne's Story, drawn by Tristan Jones. shows the tragic life of Anne, a cop who gets everything taken away from her chasing the culprit of her hardships into the foggy little town of Silent Hill. If you like the games, any of the games, then this is the volume to get. With the three best comics in the line collected in this volume, it is a must for fans of the cursed town.

Comics to look out for:

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For The Love of Indie ep. 3

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Kickstarter Alert: 
Chester 5000: Isabelle and George
The talented Jess Fink is bringing us the 2nd volume of her erotic and empowering somewhat science fiction series. In this volume we get to see the interactions with a new couple but in a familiar setting. Backing for only $18 will score you a copy of the PDF and $45 gets you physical copies of both volumes. Don't take my word for it though, Kickstart it for yourself

The Fourth Planet #1
Written by Fred Kennedy with art by Miko Maciaszek, this series (formerly a webcomic) focuses on a group of humans who are forced land on a strange planet. There are also two warring species on the planet, so the question is, how will they react to these visitors. With well thought out dialogue and an intense and enjoyable style/color scheme, this should be on your radar.

And Then Emily Was Gone
Published by ComixTribe with story by John Lees and art by Iain Laurie, And Then Emily Was Gone tells the story of Greg, a man who can see monsters, and Fiona, a girl looking for her missing friend Emily. In a very peculiar place, the duo seeks out poor Emily, but they can't shake the feeling that her disappearance is related to the monstrous creature, Bonnie Shaw. Rife with powerful terror, disturbing visuals, and an interesting take on an urban legend ATEWG will get under your skin in all the right ways. See what John Lees has to say about Bonnie Shaw and head to NoiseTrade to try out the first issue of the series. 

Nostalgia Corner: Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot
It was a cartoon and it was a comic, but where is it now? Frank Miller & Geof Darrow weave a tale about a primordial beast made of pure evil and the two heroes invented to stop it. It has a robotic little boy, a mechanical force to be reckoned with, and people getting turned into dinosaurs. What more do you need?! Oh also, it's now back in print!

Releases for 5/4/16

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