FTLI #2- Tomboy, Agent 1.22, Elaine Will

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Kickstarter Alert: Black Suit of Death
The Black Suit of Death is a comic series that gives an origin to the Grim Reaper, and that origin involves a suit of armor sent to Earth and passed down through generations. The owner of this armor poses the power of death, which may be a blessing or a terrible curse. The series is written by Benjamin J. Kreger and Edward Ellsworth, with art by Dexter Wee and colors by Bryan Arfel Magnaye. For only $9 you can get a copy of this first issue plus an additional book, but I'll let you see for yourself.

Agent 1.22 #0
Agent 1.22 is a cyborg of sorts sent to a space station to figure out what happened. Amongst those dead from a plague and with a giant defense robot at her heels, this Agent may find she's in too deep. Also, who is she? She isn't allowed to find out. This comic is written by Stephan Nilson and Drew Garber with art by Douglas Shuler.  YOU can check out this zero issue for free at www.agent122.com/ 

Tomboy vol. 1: Divine Intervention
Tomboy tells the story of Addison, a girl who has just turned 16 and discovered her friend, possibly boyfriend, Nick has been murdered. Armed with a cat mask, strange sense of justice, and brutality she didn't know she contained, she ventures out to figure out what happened to Nick and who she really is. This series is written and drawn by Mia Goodwin and features a complex cast of characters, totally out of left field visuals, and a magical girl as the voice of reason (or possibly chaos). Download the first issue and see for yourself at NoiseTrade.

A Chat w/Elaine Will 
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Elaine Will joins me to talk about Look Straight Ahead, the webcomic that she wrote and drew featuring an up close look at depression through the eyes of an insecure student. We also have a discussion about the family friendly horror tale, We Choose Our Friends Alone. She's got lots of intriguing stories on the way, including a video game-esque adventure and the struggles of a man building a grand ship during the Great Depression. Pick up some of her titles from her BigCartel and make sure to drop her a line on Twitter at ElaineMWill

Nostalgia Corner: The Star Wars
The Star Wars is an interesting chapter in the Star Wars mythos, as it collects the adaptation of George Lucas's original script before it would become what we now know as A New Hope. The story isn't incredible and I can see why so many changes were made, but there are certain call backs and character chocies that have found their way into the 7 movie saga in many ways, and it's cool to see how it all began. This series was written by J.W. Rinzler with art by Mike Mayhew, both of whom know their stuff on the series and were very loyal to Lucas and the source material in their interpretation.

Comics To Be Aware Of 
on 4/27/16
        Hyper Force Neo

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