FTLI #1- Wuvable Oaf, Bloodshot Reborn, Melody Often

Article by, Drew Van Genderen

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Kickstarter Alert: Eloquent Silence  

The Eloquent Silence is a Kickstarter for a graphic novel that is setting out to tell a different type of crime story. This book is written by Farrukh Selimkhanli with art by Mike Shea and tells the story of Joseph, who owes money to some bad people. Together with his friend Luka, he kidnaps a little girl in hopes of making the money back through ransom. This hard hitting tale has a ton of backer rewards, and you can get the story for as low as $13. Check it out for yourself here!

Bloodshot Reborn Annual #1

The Bloodshot Reborn Annual has an insane amount of talent behind it in 4 stories of peculiar adventures in Bloodshots life. Three stories concentrate on Bloodshot as he faces off against serial killers, Anti-Monitor spoofs, and futuristic villains. Behind these stories are Jeff Lemire, Michel Fiffe, Ben Marra, Kano, Joe Bennett, Ray Fawkes, Paul Maybury, Balardino Brabo, Pete Pantazis, & Jose Villarubia. If you're looking for a diverse roster of comic brilliance than you NEED to get this issue. 

 Wuvable Oaf
Wuvable Oaf is a title written and drawn by Ed Luce featuring a large hairy man named Oaf looking for love. When he isn't trying to woo the Ejaculoid front man, he can be found working at the gym, rescuing stray kittens, or making dolls out of his body hair. This book is an interesting character study into a gentle giant and the community that surrounds him, as well as an outlet for Ed Luce to produce some mind blowing, outside the box visuals. Pick up Wuvable Oaf merchandise and see where Ed Luce is going to be this summer here and pick up the trade from Fantagraphics, here!

Nostalgia Corner: TMNT Meets Archie

Well let's see... The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles use their dimension transporting cow head, Cudley and get sent to Riverdale where Archie and Betty freak out but no one believes them. At a Josie & the Pussycats concert Veronica gets kidnapped and the two gangs need to team up to save her. WILL THEY?! The art is that fun Archie style and the Turtles are definitely in their cartoon personas but hey, it's a fun comic from 1990.

A Chat w/Melody Often
Photo from Bmore Into Comics
Melody Often is a comic book artist/writer behind some very thought provoking titles. Between her work on the webcomic Trinadot to her grant winning title, In The Hands of Boys she has really shown a knack for capturing emotion and putting characters in situations that can hit close to home. If you'd like to see more of her recent work, check out her Tumblr and the first issue of Amazing Forest. You can also hit her up on Twitter at @melodyoften.

A Chat w/JT Wilkins
Photo from Comics DC

JT Wilkins is a writer/artist with a number of titles under his belt including Afrofuturist, Black Dayz, and Kid Sunday in Meta City. He was sitting at the same table as Melody so I lucked out and got to have a fe words with him. JT writes stories that have diversity in them in a way that promotes coexistence and inclusion in a really excellent way, without being heavy handed on the subject. Besides working on comics, he also produces his own music. You can find his series and his tunes at http://thinktankrx.com or you can hit him up on Twitter at @jtwblack.

And just like that, the first episode of For The Love of Indie has ended. Thanks to everyone for checking it out. If you like what you heard then please leave a nice iTunes review. If you'd like to contact us to suggest a book or show us your book, you can email ftlindie@gmail.com or message me on Twitter at JustDrewVG. ONE MORE THING! Our awesome cover art is by a friend and tattoo artist I know, Emily Cee. Make sure to look at what she has been up to on her Instagram

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