Time is a River?

Article by, Drew Van Genderen

Paradox Girl #1
Writer: Cayti Elle Bourquin
Artist: Yishan Li
Editor: Peter Bensley 
Publisher: Georgina Bensley
Imprint: Hana Comics

Paradox Girl has a strange ability. She can go back in time and teleport through space, going anywhere and anywhen she'd like. Many times this ability is used to go back in time and purchase the 1980's breakfast food Waffos, but besides that she also uses it for fighting villainy. Paradox Girl, through her many travels, has created a multitude of copies of herself throughout history, that typically all wind up at her house. These paradoxes follow her into battle, and help/perish to stop an enemy, alongside the hero Axiom Man, who continuously works to get her to refine her abilities.

Bourquin builds a fun character with a unique superpower. More than that, she doesn't take the time travel too serious, providing a store with much less confusion then your regular time jumping character story. Paradox Girl is a ton of fun, and she isn't worried or afraid of what comes next, rather she is just enjoying the experiences while she has them. Axiom Man is an interesting teacher for Paradox Girl, who makes sure he knows that although her handle on her abilities will continue to improve, she will always be herself. With an enjoyable ability that she uses for good as much as she does for selfish fun, Paradox Girl is a light character in an easy to get into and immediately enjoyable comic. Bourquin does a great job of providing contrast through Paradox Girl and her many copies, providing readers with a strong sense of the character by the end of the first issue. I could see this being a tough story to write, as most time travel characters are, but Bourquin does it with grace and ease of accessibility for readers.

Yishan Li has taken on one hell of a task: drawing multiple copies of the same character each doing different poses/actions on almost every page. Not only that, but taking all of those versions and throwing them against a large monster in a way that is easy to view and stilll enjoyable, those are the makings of a stellar artist. The character model for Paradox Girl is very much that of a stereotypical business woman. Hair in a bun, pencil skirt, shoulder pads, etc etc. However, her blond hair, pale skin, and striking blue eyes will definitely draw the eye to her. Axiom Man, her mentor, looks like a parody on superheroes. Sun glasses, star emblem, armor suit, the whole deal. He is definitely more of a background character, especially when compared to the sheer number of Paradox Girls, but the enemy that the two of them fight does a good job of showing how his advice aids our heroine. Speaking of the enemy, a large Godzilla-esque monster parades through the streets, giving Paradox Girl a chance to show off her unique ability as we see her traveling through different time periods, each with very different looks, to come up with a way to take him down. Between the way Li showcases Paradox Girl's abilities, her atypical superhero appearance, and the comedy beats that she catches from Bourquin's writing, the art is very impressive.

What's that?! You love time travel?! AND awesome female characters in offbeat adventures?! Then look no further! Cayti Elle Bourquin and Yishan Li have figured out how to take the confusion out of time paradox and replace it with a very unique brand of fun. From this issue, the story could go literally anywhere that has ever been, and I'm sure it'll be a blast. You can pick up the first issue of this comic digitally or in print at http://www.paradoxgirl.com/ for a very affordable price.

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