Music City Comics ep. 35!

Article by, Drew Van Genderen

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Lucky Penny
Oni Press
Writer: Ananth Hirsh
Artist: Yuko Ota

  Penny Brighton is a woman made of bad luck. She got fired and had to leave her apartment in the same day. However, thanks to her endless optimism and great friend she finds herself set up with a sweet place to stay (storage unit) and an awesome new job (laundromat run by an 11 year old). With a personality that is instantly charming, and character interactions that are boundlessly funny, this OGN is full of positivity, fun, romance, and everything else you'd look for in a slice of life tale. Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota (yay Tumblr) teamed up to push out this book, and it haz an abundance of quality and thought. The duo was clearly in sync on every aspect, and the result is a marvel of the written word and beautiful art! Also, check out this duo's webcomic at

Nostalgia Corner: Maximo #1

Remember Maximo? It was a super fun Playstation 2 game based off the Ghost N Goblins franchise and it had a one shot comic! The story is straight forward, the princess has been kidnapped and our hero is out to save her. In the process, his buddy Grim (the Grim Reaper of course) asks if her can do him a solid and wipe out some zombies in the process. I was pleased to find the book is a lot of fun and holds up really well. If you like/collect Capcom memorabilia I'd pick this up!

Catching Up w/Dave Baker

Music City Comics guest Dave Baker returns to talk about his adventures in comic conventions, morals and thoughts on the comic industry, and the many comics that he's currently working on. He's Kickstarting a wonderful looking book with artist Nicole Goux called Teenage Switchblade, a new chapter in the stand alone F*ck Off Squad series. The art and story look like a real blast, the extras are all there, AND you can get in on this already successful Kickstarter by clicking here! If you've already backed it and want to wet your whistle with some of Dave & Nicole's other books, head here!

An Anthology and Closing Thoughts

Real quick, I mentioned a new indie anthology known as the Big Planet Comics Anthology. Published by Retrofit/Big Planet, this anthology features the talents of Kevin Panetta, Box Brown, Robin Ha, and many more. Each contributor or duo gets the chance to tell their own chunks of comic fantasy, resulting in a collection of all fun and out of the box stories in a ton of styles. Pick it up here! With that, it's over! If you like what you heard, please leave some kind words on iTunes. Good reviews help this podcast get found, which helps these books/teams get discovered, and YOU will learn about some cool reads in the process. That's a win win win! If you'd like to contact me or anyone else on the Music City Comics team, shoot an email to or Tweet to @JustDrewVG. Thanks for listening!

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