Music City Comics ep. 34!

Article by, Drew Van Genderen

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Space Riders
Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr.
Artist: Alexis Ziritt
Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Publisher: Black Mask Comics

Captain Pelligro and his crew go on a mission that takes them all across the galaxy, witnessing the many strange acts that make space so expansive in the process. Between the Vikers, old enemies, and dangerous forces of space, they have one heck of a ride ahead of them. Rangel Jr. writes this grindhouse style space epic with Alexis Ziritt drawing the visceral images to match. The result is an incredible journey through the oddest parts of space. Listen in and see what this fantastic title has to offer.

Buddy Scalera is reprinting his sold out volume, People And Poses, one of the books from his Comic Book School series. The book has more info and reference than every and will be available in April. It's a hell of an asset to both writers and artists. View the press release here and listen in for more info.

Well well well. If it isn't my least favorite mullet wielding superhero. This issue sees the blue guy fighting the greedy Hoggish with the help his 5 earth warriors or whatever they're called. I've never been a fan of the dude, and with this Nostalgia Corner I discuss how I feel it could have had a better effect.

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