Music City Comics ep. 32

Article by, Drew Van Genderen

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Apocalyptigirl: Aria for the End Times

Writer/Artist: Andrew MacLean

Aria lives on a planet of rubble. She spends her days fighting off locals, discovering old technology, and hanging out with her cat. When one of the savage locals gets a little too close for comfort, she is forced to spring into action to accomplish her mission. Andrew MacLean (check out his other work) is a master of illustration. With a color pallet that brings life to a dead planet and an art style full of action and striking imagery, Apocalyptigirl is nothing short of a modern masterpiece.


I had the pleasure of chatting with Caleb Thusat, writer of the Alter-Life comic live on Kickstarter (for one more week). We discuss his beginnings in comics as well as the crafting of his "life after death" esque comic. Featuring a character with nothing to lose that has a unique ability, Alter-Life is shaping up to be quite the tale. The art is done by Katrina E. Kunstmann of the Warhead webcomic. Check out her great art, Caleb's great story, and all of the excellent backer rewards here.

Double Dragon 

Think back... In the 90's who were your favorite twins that new martial arts? No, not Lindsay Lohan and her duplicate from Parent Trap, I'm talking Double Dragon! With all of the fun (and sweet cheesiness) of the video games and cartoon, Double Dragon is a fun look into the past. Don't read about it though, listen to the podcast instead, where you can here all about the radical plot.

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