MCC #31! Three Shadows! Alter-Life!

Article by, Drew Van Genderen

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Three Shadows

Writer/Artist: Cyril Pedrosa 

Louis, Lise, and Joachim live a peaceful and idyllic life. When three ominous shadows appear in the distant, and then continue to occur closer each time, the family starts to fear for Joachim's safety. Lise begins to feel there is a foreboding inevitability heading her way, so does what she can to prepare. Louis on the other hand, chooses to take Joachim on a journey that will hopefully result in his safety.

Cyril Pedrosa wrote this story in response to the unfortunate death of a friend's child. Everything about it exudes fear of loss but gives a powerful message of acceptance through very emotional but strong characters and a compelling presence of danger. Pedrosa's art is the very definition of cartooning, with roots coming from his background in animation. Each panel is a storyboard for a beautifully tragic story, and the pay off is entirely worth it. What's that? You want more info? Listen to the episode!

Super Mario Bros.

I wouldn't dare spoil the find content involving this gem! I discuss everyone's favorite plumbers and their zany adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Hope you like Koopa's Believe it or Else and Letters to Peach.... because that's what you're in for!


There's a new Kickstarter for a comic called Alter Life. It's about a gent who loses his family and decide to end it all! However, he quickly learns that death may not be the end. Listen in to dive deeper into the project and stay tuned for an interview with the writer next week. Meanwhile, find out more info and back the campaign here!

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