MCC Podcast #29- Love Me Nice & Mara Wood

Article by, Drew Van Genderen

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Love Me Nice
Story/Art: Amanda Lafrenais

(Starts at 3m40s) Love Me Nice gives a behind the scenes look at cartoons and the character that star in them. Showing a world where humans and toons coexist, we see an up close and personal look on the struggles of multiple characters in the entertainment industry. More specifically, Mac the Monkey, and his girlfriend/manager, Claire, both of which have to deal with their own problem while experiencing the wacky shenanigans of the rest of the cast. A little reminiscent of Cool World, a little reminiscent Roger Rabbit, but 100% original and heartwarming, this is a hell of a story. Listen in to find out a lot more about it!

Amanda Lafrenais has such an incredible knack for cartooning. From character design to dialogue, every beat hits at the right moment and feels organic, despite the fact that they are living cartoons. That being said, we also get to see what being a cartoon character is all about and how the characters must deal with a constantly changing industry. Lafrenais mixes the real with the surreal and the result is an enjoyable, emotional, strong melodrama that explodes with fun. Check out and pick up this story as well as Amanda's work on Slipshine at

Manga Talk w/Mara Wood 
(Starts at 17m15s) This episode I got to have an enjoyable chat with Dr. Mara Wood! Co-host of THREE podcasts! I'll link to them in a moment. We have a talk about manga fans and comic fans and why their is a divide between them. Besides getting a ton of great recommendations, you can hear our opinion on regarding some writers and stories that are good entry point to either medium. Plus, some general comic talk of course! Here are links to her quality shows:
You can also hit her up on Twitter at MegaMaraMon (bonus points for a Digimon reference)!

Well, that's about it. Great show! By the way, I'm seeking a co-host. If anyone is interested, shoot an email to or just shout your interest and resume to the heavens (no resume is actually required). You can also contact me on Twitter at JustDrewVG just to chat OR to enter my giveaway that runs until the end of the month. Thank you so much for listening! If you like what you heard, please leave me a nice review on iTunes. Good reviews help this podcast get found which helps these books/creators get found AND you'll learn about some good reads in the process. That's a win-win-win! Thanks again for listening!

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