MCC Podcast #28- Strong Female Protagonist

Post by, Drew Van Genderen

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Strong Female Protagonist

Writer: Brennen Lee Mulligan
Artist: Molly Ostertag

Alison Green is a super powered young woman who has hung up her cape for a life of normalcy. She is dealing with the struggles of college, family, and trying to lay low. Unfortunately, something is happening to individuals with special abilities, and she feels a need to find out what it is and how to help. Find out how she deals with all of that and still remains a great character by listening in.

Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag (portfolio: have teamed up to produce a webcomic turned trade paperback that just feels right. They handle the dissection of a super heroine in a new and original way. The writing is full of heart and the artwork is energetic and powerful. Check out the comic online here!

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Geez... I had a lot to say. Thanks for listening!

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