MCC #30! Enormous & Buddy Scalera!

Article by, Drew Van Genderen

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Writer: Tim Daniel
Artist: Mehdi Cheggour
Letterer: Matthew Meylikhov

(Starts at 4m 00s) Enormous is the story of a world under siege by giant, monstrous forms of animals such as bats, crocodiles sloths, and more. As these creatures mysteriously show up and start destroying the major cities of the planet, we see the way it effects people on the ground. Particularly, a woman named Ellen trying to find her girlfriend and a family attempting survival within a bunker. With deadly behemoths wandering around and another force that may be propelling them, will anyone survive?! Listen and find out!

Tim Daniel has created a tense situation that never lets up on the action and caries with it a sense of foreboding for anything in these creatures' paths. There is ground work laid in this volume for more rich stories in this world, and it's all vibrantly illustrated by Medhi Cheggour. Every single monster is derived from a real life animal, except demented beyond belief and ready to pounce. On the human level, everyone looks stunning. Even as chaos envelopes everything around them, the individuals look incredible and have very realistic gestures, poses, and actions. Listen in for a ton more info on this great team AND check out the first issue of this series for free here

A Chat w/Buddy Scalera

(Starts at 19m 30s) Man... talk about a man for all seasons! Buddy Scalera has seen comic books as a fan, journalist, writer, and educator, and in this episode I pick his brain a bit about his experiences as well as his series of comic reference books, the Comic Book School. We touch on all sorts of subjects including Deadpool, future projects, working in the industry, conventions, and much more. I can't suggest listening in on this strongly enough, some great words are said and Buddy is just an all around cool dude!

(Starts at 53m 15s) Hey! I introduced a fun new segment! It's called Nostalgia Corner. In this segment I discuss comic adaptations of old series (mostly cartoons) or old movie adaptations of comics, video games, etc. This week I discussed the... cross breeding series known as:

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