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Kaptara vol. 1: Fear Not, Tiny Alien

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Kagan McLeod
Color Assist: Becka Kinzie
Publisher: Image Comics

What better way to start off the New Year than a review of Kaptara, a beautifully illustrated Sci-Fi adventure that definitely leans more towards fiction than science. This hilarious tale is written by bestselling writer Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals, Howard the Duck) and is brought to life with the creative artistry of Kagan McLeod (Infinite Kung-Fu). With impressive villains, questionable modes of transportation, and enough sarcasm to make any father proud, Kaptara will keep you glued to your seat from beginning to end.

When a mission to Mars is interrupted by an asteroid-splattered space anomaly (we should just go through it right?), the crew find themselves jettisoned into space in escape pods and landing on a planet that is definitely not in our solar system. With the crew scattered, or worse, the main character, Keith, finds himself among some of the more sentient inhabitants of the planet with a big problem; Earth is in danger and the only one who can help save the planet has no desire to return. Surrounded by strange species on an unfamiliar planet, Keith must choose between starting a new life, or fighting to save and return to his old one.

Zdarsky’s writing is a nice concoction of sarcasm, wit and vulgarity; giving his characters authenticity in their given situations. Considering nearly all of the characters in Kaptara are Alien, Zdarsky does a fantastic job portraying the subtle differences between species (not to mention the quick, but effective, explanation for why they can all speak a common tongue). Keith, the most sarcastic and lease vulgar character, is portrayed as a young man who harbors a lot of hatred for the people in his past, yet he proves to be a kind soul willing to keep an open mind about his current situation. Other fantastic characters include: the valiant warrior Manton, who is very predictably in love with his queen, Jinli, the queen who is as cunning as she is beautiful, and the queen’s spoiled son Darton, who has an odd obsession with blow-darts. Each of Zdarsky’s characters brings something new to the table, but they all share equal amounts of wit and grandeur!

This fantastic Sci-fi story is filled with beasts that are as disgusting as they are intriguing (I do mean that in a good way). From beautiful half-bird half-humanistic flying beasts to grotesque blobs aptly called Glomps (with mouths dirtier than their Glompy bodies), this series gets an A+ for creativity. I am especially fond of the various methods of transportation that include a strange convoy of dog-tanks, large centipede critters, and something that definitely looks like an old man on all fours. I have never been more impressed, or grossed out, by imaginative art! In addition to the wonderful fauna, the flora on this planet is equally as mystifying. I would advise that when reading Kaptara, you give a lot of attention to the finer details, because they are quite beautiful.

What’s not to like about this fantastic piece of work? It makes you think, it makes you laugh, and it does so while sneaking in little gems of motivational advice. In addition to the art, which I think is brilliantly grotesque, Kaptara is shaping up to be a fantastic coming-of-age story set within pretty impossible circumstances, which gives it that necessary kick when it comes to capturing the attention of today’s readers. It’ll hit bookstores on January 5th, and was available in comic book stores on December 23rd for only $9.99! Overall, Kaptara is a great read to start off the New Year!

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