MCC Podcast #27- Death Vigil & Abigael Puritz

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Death Vigil

Writer/Atist: Stjepan Sejic
Publisher: Top Cow

Death Vigil tells the story of an elite team of folks who have died and come back to fight otherworldly threats. How do they fight them? With their weapons, the Veilrippers, each an object catered specifically for them. This particular tale stars Clara, Sam, and Bernadette (aka the Grim Reaper) as they work with the rest of the Vigil to stop the sinister Pale Court. Find out more by listening in!

Stjepan Sejic is a fountain of talent. Between his work for Top Cow, some big 2 stories, and his exceptional creator owned work, the man creates nothing but gold. It is rare to find a creator who has exceptional knack for relateable (within reason) dialogue and absolutely incredible visuals, yet here he is! Suffice it to say, I'm a big 'ol fan. Check out more of Sejic's art AND sample his work here!

A Chat w/Abigael Puritz

This episode I had a grand time chatting with Abigael Puritz, comic creator and one of the three talented ladies putting on the art show, An Art of Intervals. We talked about her love of comics, her origin story, and of course, the exceptional show she is working on. Check out these links for info on the artists and project:

Write Up on Art of Intervals (written by Mariah!)

That's that! Another episode down! Can't wait for the next! Before I forget, I mention two wild and crazy books, Peek the First and Ikebana! You can pick Ikebana up here and check out Yumi Sakugawa art here. I couldn't find a specific link for Peek, but you can get it here and check out all things Jason Yungbluth here. As always, thanks for listening to the Music City Comics and if you like what you heard, PLEASE subscribe or give a nice rating (or both). Good ratings help this podcast get found which helps these creators get even more attention and YOU will learn about some good reads in the process. Win win win! Feel free to contact me by emailing or Tweet to @justdrewvg.

Join me next time as I [probably] discuss:

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