MCC Podcast #26- Sing No Evil & Mark L. Miller

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Sing No Evil

Writer: J.P. Ahonen
Artist: K.P. Alare

Sing No Evil tells the story of PERKEROS a diverse metal band that wants to make it big, particularly Aksel, the front man. As if juggling an extreme passion for music and everyday life wasn't enough, all of a sudden a black magic fueled change is sweeping through the scene. Aksel starts to learn their is more to music then originally thought, and start to wonder if Perkeros should get in on it too.

J.P. Ahonen clearly has an understanding of music and the mentality that follows it, particularly the metal genre. He writes his characters with passion and drive that make the reader root for them. K.P. Alare's distinct visuals add to that effect, with a careful balance of fun character models and threatening mystical forces.

A Chat w/Mark L. Miller

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Mark L. Miller is a man of many faces. He has written for numerous comic publications, spoken at many a con in regards to the horror genre, AND has made some waves on Ain't It Cool News. He was even interviewed on the well received Music City Comics podcast (wink)! In our interview we discuss working with a new publication, his history, Pirouette, and a whole lot more!

Pirouette is a comic published by Black Mask and written by Mark L. Miller with art by Carlos Granda. It tells the gritty yet vibrant tale of a very talented circus clown who learns her past isn't what she originally thought. The series is going to be collected later in the year, if you want a preview then give the comic a Google. The first issue had a relatively low print run but can still be bought through various online stores, and keep an eye out for that trade!

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