MCC #25- High Crimes

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High Crimes

Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Ibrahim Moustafa

High Crimes! A story of facing your own demons while simultaneously fighting a secret agency! Zan and Haskell live in Kathmandu and climb the surrounding mountains (Everest in articular) as guides as well as to find missing body parts and other mementos that let people know that their relative is no longer among the living. The discovery of one particular body sends the duo's life into a frenzy as myterious and dangerous individuals start hunting them down. What could they want with this corpse? The answers lie at the top of Mt. Everest.

Sebela provides a story captivating from beginning to end as he focuses primarily on Zan and her struggles since she fell from grace (in the form of being kicked out of the Olympics). He showcases the hardships of peaking Everest and captures the human struggle in a way that stops you from being able to place the book down. Moustafa brings life to the frigid land form with realistic illustrations of the characters and the environment, making the reader wonder who is more of a threat, the agents or Everest itself. Want to know more? You can! Listen to the podcast!

As discussed in this episode, there is a great Indie GoGo campaign going on to put on an art show and release a zine helmed by some very talented ladies. Show your love by checking out the campaign for An Art of Intervals!

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