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An Art of Intervals

If you’re a fan of comic books and art, which I’m going to go ahead and assume you are, then I’d love to bring an upcoming art show and zine fundraiser to your attention. “An Art of Intervals” is a show that will take place in Brooklyn, New York in late February, and it will feature the work of four female comic artists: Abigael Puritz, Wendy Xu, Grace Passerotti and Autumn Crossman. These ladies are using an Indiegogo (think kickstarter, or gofundme) fundraiser to help collect enough money to publish all of their new work in a zine, or small-collection of self-published work, for the art show. The money will also be used to cover various expenses for the show, and any remaining money will be split amongst the artists to cover the cost of materials.

Art by Abigael Puritz

If you’d like to know more about these ladies I’d recommend checking out their Indiegogo site, where each of the ladies has a link attached to their name that will bring you to their various websites (see how I’m pushing you to check out the fundraiser!). 

Art by Wendy Xu

The best part of donating to this great cause is the multitude of perks! Any donation over $7 will get you a printed copy of the zine. If you don’t have $7 to spare there are still lovely perks for $1 (a digital thank you note with an original doodle), $2 (a printed thank you note with an original doodle), and $4 (a digital copy of the zine) donations. If you do have some money to spare a $30 donation will get you an original drawing from one of the artists, and a $40 donation will get you an original painting, which is a hell of a deal for one of kind art!

Art by Grace Passeroti

These ladies have been working their asses off to create new work for this show, and their efforts are not only time consuming, but also expensive. Art supplies are pricey, shipping costs are through the roof and it costs around $500 to get their zine printed for the show. So anything you can spare will surely help, and don’t forget about those perks!

Art by Autumn Crossman

The art show will take place at the Tarot Society in Brooklyn, New York from February 26th to the 28th. If you’re lucky enough to live near Brooklyn, then I would highly recommend swinging by to see some of the work these ladies have created for the show. If you don't live anywhere near Brooklyn (like myself), then you can still learn about them, support them, and get your hands on some of their art by donating to their Indiegogo fundraiser: here!

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