Don't Question

No Wonder #1

Writer: Jeremy Hauck
Artist: Ellis Ray III
Colors: Sean Callahan

The year is 2038 (not so distant future) and the world no longer has any curiosity. Between the ease of internet connection and the question inhibiting A.T.O.M. chip linking humanity, there is simply nothing to question or even dream about. That second half of is what makes teenager Turner Lane so confused. He wakes up after a peculiar dream of a mysterious place to unfamiliar surroundings and finds himself being hunted by masked strangers. Turner swiftly discovers he isn't the only one being hunted, and after running into a particularly helpful individual, knows that the only place he will be safe is the place in his dream. Why is he being hunted? What is this mysterious dream place? Why can't he seem to remember much? Jeremy Hauck and Ellis Ray III know.

No Wonder is hard sci-fi. We are talking Blade Runner level stuff here. Jeremy Hauck has created a history for this world that is not hard to believe and isn't dissimilar from what some people feel is currently happening. By removing much of the individuality of these people, he paves the way for Turner and the other hunted people to view the world that they have always known in knew and unfamiliar ways. The series of events in this first issue make for a story that can go in numerous directions, each of which are compelling and not immediately apparent to the audience. Ellis Ray III has helped form this somewhat dreary world with a set of somewhat realistic environments and character models. This adds to this believable future scenario. Typically, this art style isn't my cup of tea, however in this story it meshes with the plot in a way that really adds to the story. Not to mention Ellis can draw some incredible action and Clockwork Orange-esque villains. Especially the panels which show the hopeful past matched against the strange future.

How did No Wonder come about? A team of hard workers held a very solid Kickstarter campaign and were more than happy to talk with potential fans about the project. With issue one out and well received, I'm sure that Jeremy Hauck, Ellis Ray III, and everyone else involved are bound to continue to produce this story of an uncertain future. Keep an eye out for ways to get issue one and issue two when it come out next year! Oh, and don't be a stranger, contact No Wonder by tweeting @NoWonderComic

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