For The Love of Indie #16

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Comic Releases for November 16th

For The Love of Indie #15

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Written by Magdalene Visaggio with art by Jason Smith
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Written by Kevin Panetta with art by Jared Morgan
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Comic Releases for November 2nd, 2016


For The Love of Indie #14

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Written/drawn by, Tom Lintern
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Story by, David Quantick
Art by, Shaky Kane
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Written/drawn by, Ryan Cailean Thompson
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Written/drawn by, Trudy Cooper & Danny Murphy
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 Josie and the Pussycats movie trailer

Comic Releases: Wednesday, October 19th

For The Love of Indie #13

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A Chat w/Luke Howard
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Comic Releases: October 5, 2016

FTLI #12- Emily Ree, Adventure Zine, Once Our Land

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Twas a fine fiiiiiiiiine episode. Here's what I talked about:

Written/Drawn by, Alexa Cassaro

Edited & Collected by, Josh Trujillo
Death Saves on Comixology

Written & Drawn by, Brian Ralph 
Published by Drawn & Quarterly

Written by, Fred Van Lente
Color by, Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by, Dave Sharpe

Story & Art by, Ryan Kelly
Purchase Funrama here!

Story & Art by, Peter Ricq
Published by, Scout Comics
Purchase digitally here!

Written & drawn by Minna Sundberg
Published by, Hive Works
Read the webcomic here!
Purchase the hardcover here!

An Interview w/Emily Ree:
Keep a look out for Anarchy Dreamers vol 1 Kickstarter!
Written & drawn by, Emily Ree
Twitter: @ree_emily

Nostalgia Corner

I was a special guest on Sirens of Scream!
Listen to it here to learn all about Harrow County!

 Comic Releases for 9/14/16