'Tis the Season for the 90's

Saved By The Bell: Holiday Special

Ah to be young and living in 1992... I remember very little of the time period, but I do remember the cultural phenomenon known as Saved By The Bell. Sorry folks, this isn't the start of a new highly anticipated (by who I don't know) comic series. This comic answers the important question of "How do these friendly folks celebrate Christmas in sunny California?!" Allow me to tell you the tales extracted from this legendary tome.

(MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD) This comic is a collection of two short stories, the first of which being a situation between Zach and Kelly. Bad news, their relationship is on the fritz. To try to make things right, Zach enlists the whole gang to create a winter wonderland for Kelly, thinking that giving her a taste of her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin will melt her cold heart. The team sets up a huge bash and and boy is that Kelly surprised! Primarily because she is from Madison County, Florida! She knows that Zach's heart is in the right place though, so she forgives him for whatever the hell they were fighting about... until he starts ogling a waitress.

In the second story, that tyrant Principal Belding is making a rule that if students want to go to the Holiday Dance they must improve their grade in their worst subject by 1 whole point! Everyone is worried about this, especially Slater. That rascally Zach comes up with a clever plan... if the school nerd, Egbert, will tutor Slater, Slater will teach him how to be successful with women (or as Zach calls it "male-female chemistry")! Then Zach realizes he is thinking small... so he makes a list of every student in the school and the subject they are best in, you know, information a student can easily access. He sells this information to fellow students, allowing anyone to pick their own tutor based off of... well... whatever they want really. No one's grade improves and only the principal and a teacher chaperone go to the Holiday Dance. THE END! Actually, Zach uses the money to fund a party at the only other place in Bayside, The Max.

There you have it! Isn't that fun?! It's festive because... because Wisconsin has snow and the school is having a Holiday Dance. Plus, look at that cover! If that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit then I don't know what does! I mean sure, the characters don't look spot on (especially Slater/Mario Lopez) but it's the thought that counts... right?

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