Ready for Thirds

Seconds Helping

Written/Drawn/Experienced by Jason Fischer

Last year an incredible book, a.k.a. one of my favorite graphic novels, a.k.a. Seconds was published and oh what a glorious book it is. For those of you who don't know, Seconds was written and drawn by Bryan Lee O'Malley, with Jason Fischer as drawing assistant and letters by Dustin Harbin. Everyone knows that the result of their efforts was a fantastic addition to anyone's comic library. This comic shows the process from the point of view of Jason Fischer!

In this book, we get to see some of the process from the point of view of the drawing assistant/inker. This in itself is eye catching as normally these behind the scenes books are typically by the primary artist or writer. This perspective gives readers the chance to get acquainted with a position that is extremely important to the creative process, especially in a book such as Seconds as well as the fellow filling this role. In Seconds Helping, Fischer talks about his work on Seconds, namely inking much of the backgrounds and details before it got handed off to Dustin Harbin. Looking at Seconds and the amount of color and detail in the story, this was no easy task. Fischer discusses that the work was starting steady before becoming more and more fast paced to the point that he needed to move in with O'Malley until the deadline! What I like about this experience is that it humanizes the creative team in a big way. It's easy to read a book and think "that was a good read the team did a great job" and put it on the shelf. However, a little inside look such as this helps give folks an idea of the hard work that goes into this unique art form and can improve the original reading experience as a whole.

Fischer has a fun art style not too dissimilar to that of O'Malley. This black and white issue is illustrated in a style of cartoonish realism that provides the readers with a cool look at his experience. He shows his renditions of some of the things that got this creative duo through the process including Cacodemon plush, video game soundtracks, Sweney Todd, and of course, Drake. His character detail is a whole mess of fun too, with some great facial expressions and some righteous facial hair. I have to say, after seeing the illustration in this book and what he brought to the table for Seconds I would love to see a story that he fully illustrates. Oh, I should also note that in the back of this issue there are some concept drawings and layout sketches, neat stuff!

There is no doubt that Seconds was a successful book, and getting a look at Jason Fischer and his process it's not hard to see why. Seconds Helping is a fun little inside look at a side of things we wouldn't have been able to otherwise see. Pick up this book and see what else Fischer is up to at

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