MCC #24- Heart In A Box & Henchgirl!

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Heart in a Box

Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Meredith McClaren

Emma is heartbroken after a break up and simply won't leave her bed. When she is finally convinced to get out of bed and go out, she finds herself hurting with everything she sees. A gentlemen notices her turmoil and tells her that he can take away the heart ache by taking away her heart. Willing to try anything, Emma agrees and becomes cold and unfeeling. Realizing that's no way to live, she goes on a journey to find herself and the seven missing pieces of her heart.

This is a very emotional and raw work from Kelly Thompson with strong dialogue and characters that continuously must make tough choices. The situation is intriguing and important to the protagonist without being overly dark, making for a pleasant reading experience. Meredith McClaren's art adds to that with a wide range of color ad character definition which makes the story just that much more immersive. To hear more about the creative team and the plot, listen to the podcast. Also, check out McClaren's webcomic, Hinges, here

Interview w/Kristen Gudsnuk

(Photo found on The Beat)

Kristen Gudsnuk is writing/drawing one of my favorite comics on he stand, Henchgirl! The series tells the story of Mary Posa, a professional henchgirl for one of the flamboyant villains of Crepe City. In the interview, Kristen and I go into how Henchgirl came to be, what it's like going from a web comic to a serialized book, and much much more. Listen and Learn!

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