A Pleasant Buzzing

Insexts #1

Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Creator/Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Art: Ariela Kristantina
Colors: Bryan Valenza
Letters: A Larger World

Aftershock Comics has started it's explosion onto the scene this month with a roster of well known and incredible talent. On this particular book is one of my favorite modern writers, Marguerite Bennett, matched with the expert drawing style of Ariela Kristantina (look at her art).

In the ornate Victorian age, Lady Bertram and her maid Mariah make the best of their lives and their romance while under the tyranny of Harry Bertram. The cunning Mariah has plans that may rid the duo of their resident misogynist and bring their relationship to the next level. Curiously enough, it involves a spherical egg that is travelling from throat to throat. How's that for a hook?!

Bennett creates a strangely open minded atmosphere that mixes horror, science fiction, and Jane Austen, resulting in a story that bleeds originality. As soon as the book opens we are greeted with a song that sets the tone for the whole issue. From their, the relationship between our two strong female protagonists is exhibited very clearly without provide too much context. From cover to cover this story is unpredictable and what seems like an obvious hurdle for the duo to jump throughout the series is dealt with swiftly, leaving us with endless mystery and intrigue to look forward to.

Kristantina has found a perfect place for her particular style. The Victorian era is so iffy in comics because there is no middle ground, artists are either great at the time period or just lacking. I am more than happy to report that this illustration is exquisite. Every panel has an elegance to it, even when going to Cronenberg levels of body horror. Speaking of, there is bound to be more unique violence and gore as the series continues, but this premiere issue gives an epic sneak peek of what we can expect. It's also important to note that Valenza's colors make the environments even more lively, and provide a ton of dimension to every moment.

Insexts is something that you have never read before, but can now ead monthly. Marguerite Bennett produces hit after hit and this is no exception. Her writing style combined with Ariela Kastantina art is an incredible treat and I'm looking forward to watching the series evolve moving forward. If this is what Aftershock has to offer than I am absolutely on board!

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