Podcast Notes #22- Gastrophobia & Dave Baker

There are places on the internet... Dark places where you can find the most peculiar of creatures... such as this podcast! You can find episode #22 in iTunes (here) or on PodOmatic! (Oh, PS- we use some bad words in the interview)

Gastrophobia vol. 1

Totally by, David McGuire

Gastrophobia chronicles the life of an exiled Amazon named Phobia and her son, Gastro. The two of them struggle in ancient day to day life as they fight mythical creatures, anger deer, work for kings, and discover wars between different birds. There's tons of fun to be had in this title, and beneath it is a strong sense of fun and family that never falters! Sounds good right? Listen to the podcast for even MORE info!

(Image from web comic, not trade paperback)

David McGuire is an extraordinary aritst/writer talent who has been working on Gastrophobia as a successful webcomic for quite some time now, and thanks to some [very well deserved] attention from crowd funding platforms we are able to hold it in our hands! To check this web comic out OR purchase the trades, head to http://www.gastrophobia.com/. David also posts any con appearance coming up on there and he is a super friendly guy so keep checking in for where you can meet him in 2016! Oh, and if you'd like to be a part of the creative process then take a look at the series' Patreon!

(Image from web comic, not trade paperback)

Interview w/Dave Baker

Dave Baker and I have a nice chat about working in the indie comics industry as well as an in depth discussion of four of his titles: Action Hospital (his webcomic), Suicide Forest, Not Another Girl Gang, and Fuck Off Squad. Each of these titles vary drastically in tone but each is really well done and in the case of Suicide Forest, utterly shocking. We also discuss CW shows and what we are reading and craft and it's just a grand ol' time! Check out Action Hospital here and head to spectorisland.bigcartel.com/ to pick up some of his books! (Instagram/Twitter: xDaveBakerx)

Annnnnnd that's it, another fine episode for some damn fine listeners. Thanks so much for giving this podcast a moment of your time! If you really dug it then please leave a review in the iTunes store. A good review helps this podcast get discovered which helps these books/creators/teams get more discovered and YOU will find out about some cool reads in the process. My math tells me that's a win win win. One last thing, you may recall I mentioned the Kickstarter for the new comic No Wonder, the sci fi epic about a world devoid of curiosity. Well, here's a link! Take a look and have a great day!

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