Hell Gets More Crowded

Godzilla in Hell

Issue 1: Art & Story by James Stokoe
Issue 2: Art & Story by Bob Eggleton
Issue 3: Story by Ulises Farinas & Erick Frietas, Art by Buster Moody
Issue 4: Story by Brandon Seifert, Art by Ibrahim Moustafa, Colors by Marissa Louise
Issue 5: Story & Art by Dave Wachter

Every once in a while a mini series comes out that is an artistic marvel with a fantastic story to match. IDW has given us one of those mini series with a multitude of talented writers and artists giving the king of monsters their incredible treatments.

Godzilla has fallen into Hell and is looking for a way out, sounds like a simple enough story right? Wrong! In each issue of this mini there's a different trial for Godzilla to face, some of which put him against past foes, supernatural forces, and his own inner demons.

When many people who are somewhat ill informed about this character hear that he has a comic book, they don't understand and chock it up as just another comic/movie property. That being said if you are a fan of comics than this isn't a series you can pass up. Each issue presents a new form of storytelling to the series and created layers to Godzilla which were previously unrevealed. Each writer/artist or team works together so perfectly showing that everyone who worked on this book knows Godzilla and respects source material, making this the perfect book for long time fans as well as people new to the character just looking for an excellent story. Is this going to lead into anything else? Hard to say, but what I can say with certainty is that this snapshot into what may be Godzilla's strangest and most challenging experience is truly a story to behold.

Artists of various mediums and styles join to illustrate Hellish events for Godzilla that all pay homage to the characters past and his enjoyable kaiju battles. Let me rattle off this all star group. Stokoe definitely sets the tone for the series with his busy and action filled style. Following him is Eggleton who's painterly quality gives the send that you are reading from a guide book or movie poster. On issue 3, Moody ups the zaniness and draws multiple high octane action scenes. The penultimate issue sees Moustafa drawing with a line that tiptoes between clean and gritty in a great way. Finally, Wachter gives us the "resolution" of this strange adventure through an intricately detailed and grandiose landscape. Every artist brings something different to the table and each one adds a ton of detail and quality to the story!

I'm not sure who initially thought of this project but I'm darn glad they did. This is the epitome of collaborated work in comics and deserves a ton of praise. I'd also like to ship a boatload of kudos to Bobby Curnow, the editor for the book, and Chris Mowry, the creative consultant, this title had to be a ton of work from the production side as well as the art and story side. If you like kaiju stories, philosophy, fantasy, hellscapes, fun, excellent art, and great writing than find these issues or get the trade when it comes out.

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