MCC Podcast #21- Spooky Reads w/Melissa Megan

Alright! This is a VERY special episode as I am joined by one of the hosts of the Missfits podcast, Melissa Megan as we discuss spooky reads to check out right before All Hallows Eve. Things are a little mixed up as I had an episode that I was going to release last week but it got pushed so that this one could come out before October 31st so don't be surprised if next episode I talk about my time at NYCC. Anyway, just a reminder that if you would like to give your 2 cents on any of the books I have discussed then tweet with #mccomics and I'll read it on the air (unless it's crazy mean). If for some strange reason you haven't heard this episode yet, then head on over to iTunes to find it or check it out on PodOmatic! Here are the books we discussed, you'll have to listen to the podcast for the complete descriptions.

And Then Emily was Gone

Publisher: ComixTribe
Writer: John Lees
Artist: Iain Laurie

Plagued with the ability to see monsters in everyday life, Greg drinks to forget and fears what he remembers. One day, a girl named Fiona comes to him and explains that her good friend Emily has disappeared and their is only one possible culprit: the vile child stealing entity known as Bonnie Shaw. With a variety of creepy and eye popping visuals, this title will stick with you for quite some time, creating a real mythology for the horror known as Bonnie Shaw.

Southern Cross

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Becky Cloonan
Artist: Andy Belanger

Alex Braith's sister died on the Saturn moon, Titan, due to an "accident". Unconvinced of the tragic yet innocent causes of the death, Alex travels on the space freighter Southern Cross to claim the body. On the freighter she finds herself mysteriously connected to the vessel, and surrounded with nothing but uncomfortable "gentlemen" and her own thoughts, something is bound to crack. How it connects to the mystery of her sister's death is another matter entirely... Concentrating on the sprawling environment of space and the possible threats it may pose is one thing, but adding a suspicious death and location that feels far from safe keeps the tension high.

Sub-Mariner: The Depths

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Esad Ribic

On the submersible Voyager, Randolph Stein and his crew search for another submarine that has gone missing. The search takes them to the Marianas Trench, many miles below the surface. As darkness cradles the Voyage, the crew can't shake the feeling that something or someone is out their watching. Amongst the inky black of the deep see, the crew believes there is a man following the ship. Surely it is just in their minds. Exploring claustrophobia and the unknown, this title has shocking twists and turns as the events of the story begin to erode the characters' sanity.

The October Faction

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Damien Worm

The Allan family has monster hunting in their blood, and while they try to embrace normalcy, they find themselves drawn to a darker calling. When some of the family starts questioning their history and things begin to unravel, the question quickly becomes a matter of "Who is really the monster?" With some zany family dynamics and darkly comedic characters, this book is perfect for this fall holiday.

At The Mountains of Madness

Publisher: Selfmadehero
Writer: H.P. Lovecraft
Artist/Adapter: Ian N. J. Culbard

An expedition to Antarctica brings geologist William Dyer to grips with the horrors that reside on our planet. Ancient evils which can bring out the worst in people are very real and are just waiting for the chance to make themselves known. As Dyer tries to come to terms with what he sees, he must attempt to keep his wits about him and account this most unusual journey. Culbard does an excellent job of bringing Lovecraft's brand of Gothic horror to the forefront in a way that will draw old fans of the literary icon and those who have always wanted to give him a shot. (REVISION: on the podcast I mention a different publisher but this book is totally from Selfmadehero)

Empty Zone

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer/Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander

Set in a unique cyber punk world, Empty Zone tells the story of Corinne White who finds herself coming face to face with some of the ghosts of her past as she tries to live her life in this dark, technologically dystopian world. With danger around every corner ranging from paranormal to human to just plain weird, Corinne must try to get through each day with the burdens of her past ever present. Alexander's appreciation for the cyber punk aesthetic rings true in this story as he combines sci-fi and horror seamlessly.

And that's that! We talked about a bunch of other books and movies to so listen in and discover all kinds of great stuff! As always, if you like what you've heard on this episode then PLEASE leave me an iTunes review. It helps this podcast get found which helps these creators get more attention and you will discover some killer reads (I can promise that). That's a win-win-win! Also, check out Melissa Megan's podcast The Missfits for some fun nerdy discussions about all forms of media. Here's a link to help you in your search.

Ok so on the podcast (because it is being released earlier than originally planned) I mention that I will discuss Irresistible, and I will! However, for this next episode I will be discussing, as I said I would, Gastrophobia!

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