MCC #18- reMIND and Kelly Thompson

Well well well! Everyone is here! The podcast is up and running again, and all is right with the world! It has been a short hiatus but I am BACK both with entries AND with podcasts. Seriously though, I'm back for good this time. Life responsibilities made it MUCH harder for me to keep up with this, but things have calmed down and thus, ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to stay!

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All by Jason Brubaker

Sonja and her cat Victuals live in a small coastal community pretty peacefully. There are stories about strange happenings that correspond with the ocean surrounding the village, and when Victuals disappears and returns with the ability to speak and a pension for valor, Sonja starts to believe them. How did a cat gain these human characteristics and for what purpose? More concerning than that, who took him in the first place?!

Brubaker has an extraordinary amount of world building and character development in this two volume story. Sonja and this odd cat become intriguing, lovable characters who are very easy to root for, and the duality of a world above the sea and a world below is handled expertly for two entirely different locales. Listen to my podcast, then head to to pick up both of these beautiful volumes!

Chatting w/Kelly Thompson

In the second half of this WONDERFUL episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Thompson, author of Jem & the Holograms (along with Sophie Campbell), Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps (with Kelly Sue Deconnick), and her new OGN, Heart in a Box. 

I got a whole mess of great info from Ms. Thompson, as I got to learn all about her comic book past as well as the amount of work it takes to break into this industry. There was also a lot of talk of Jem obviously, as I got to see a bit of how the story kicks and the experience of reinventing a cult classic character. Kelly Thompson really knows her stuff. YOU can know some of it to... just listen in! ALSO, pick up her Heart in a Box, I'm halfway in and it's a remarkable story.

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Join me and a special guest next week as we discuss (probably for real this time):

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