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Remember that time I showcased some cool Kickstarter projects? Well I do! That was months ago though, and now there are even more great projects to fund! Allow me to tell you about some of them:

Home- Forgotten Places Remebered

Judging from this campaign, it is quite obvious that Anja Uhren loves story and the craftsmenship that goes into creating books. Home gives her the opportunity to share that love, as she creates a piece of art in book form while telling the story of a young woman who has had countless homes, and how taxing it is to sift through the memories of them. This coming of age story is binded into a form that has numerous twists and turns (literally) and uses comic panels as well as prose to tell an important tale. The art has an incredibly sketchy quality and the visuals seem powerful in a droll fashion. There are numerous incentives that will bring the reader closer to the story, and judging from the images and brief synopsis given, the quality of the project couldn't possibly be in question! This book has actually reached it's goal but will still be available for the next week. Here's a link to check it out!

Tenko King Vol. One: A New Leaf

Behind many great adventures, there is a great creator. This particular adventure is created by Tavis Maiden who tells the story of a 10 year old boy named Flip who decides to explore the vast world he lives in. During his travels he encounters creatures, magic, dungeons, and some new pals. The campaign guarantees that the reader will have the opportunity to truly grow with these characters, which is sure to provide an enriching, all ages reading experience. All of the art is very illustrative and totally in color! This seems like such an appropriate format for this story, now being collected after it had been previously distributed digitally. If you're looking for a new story filled with rewarding enchantment, then help fund this volume. You can check it out here!

Blood & Gourd #2: Escape From Henderson Farm

I've said it once and I'll say it one million times more: you have to get behind this comic. I was imediately enthralled with the story as soon as I read it, pick it up and you'll see why. With the instant charm of B horror movies and action that doesn't quit, this story is really something to behold. I actually spoke to the creators, Jenz K. Lund and D.H. Shultis on the podcast a while back (episode 11- Through the Woods, to be precise) and they really know what they want and are working to get it! This comic is published by the brand new publisher Dead Peasant, and if you like body horror, Halloween, dark humor, and murderous vegetables then you can't go wrong! Plus their are a bunch of incentives that make it easy to get issue #1 as well. Check this campaign out here!

After the Gold Rush

After the Gold Rush, by Miles Greb and his exceedingly talented team, brings atheism and an entirely fresh take to the sci-fi genre. The story is bringing a new look to the future, and offers us a tale of appreciated optimism as opposed to the usual dystopia we are used to seeing in futuristic stories. I have been waiting for this for months now, after being entrances by the exceptional promotional art. Most of the story has been kept a mystery, with Greb providing only snippets or poems to give the reader a clue as to what's coming up. For some other info, check out my podcast on Nimona for an interview. You can also find out more about this project at it's site. The project actually posts TODAY! I will make sure to put a link here a little later. 

Those are only a few of a huge selection of deserving books that can be brought to life by YOU! You really need to go to Kickstarter and see for yourself, as there are numerous quality tales just waiting to get out in the world. Go on and search around! I have no doubt you will find something exciting.

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