MCC Podcast #16- Copra Round One & Emet Comics

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Copra: Round One

Entirely by Michel Fiffe
Published by Bergen Street Comics

This book tells the tale of some unsavory folks who form a team to do some good in the world. The team's name: Copra. When returning from a mission with a strange artifact in hand, the team gets ambushed by a peculiar rogues gallery. How did the rogues know where they would be? What is this mysterious artifact? Why does that dude in back look like a Jack Kirby character?! Find out by listening!

Fiffe creates a world and players that have some clear influence but tosses it all together to create an out of this world story about revenge and teamwork. His art is colorful, lively, and without parallel. With a story dripping with originality, despite some familiar character shells, Copra hits every chord in an exceptional way! Purchase it HERE before they run out again!

Emet Comics 

Owned and Operated by Maytal Gilboa

With a website that has recently launched and six new titles waiting to jump into your hands this year, Emet Comics has been busy. This new publication, oriented towards female writers and artists, has a unique voice and an outlook that is very positive. Providing a safe environment and some creators that are worth getting to know, it seems Emet is going to spark a powerful change in the voice of the comic industry. Listen to my interview with Maytal Gilboa, founder of the publication, to see just what they are up to and how you can get involved! Also, check out samples of some of their books at!

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There's a chance this may change, but join me next time as I discuss Wayward vol. 1!


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