MCC Podcast #15- Spera & Crawl or Die

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Spera vol. 1

Publisher: Archaia
Writer: Josh Tierney
Artists: Kyla Vanderkuglt, Hwei, Emily Carroll, Olivier Pichard, Jordyn Bochon, Cecile Brun, Luke Pearson, Leela Wagner, Matt Marblo (gasp for air)

Spera tells the story of two princesses: Lono, who embraces the typical princess practices (at least at first), and Pira, who demands a life of adventure. The duo teams up with Yonder, a fire spirit who is helping them escape to the land of Spera, as Pira's mother is corrupting the land. On the way to Spera they find numerous creatures and friends... each expertly drawn by a different artist.

Josh Tierney write every part of the story and adapts to each chapter of the story in a unique and professional way that keeps the story cohesive and the characters sounding appropriate for each part of the tale. Why would he be adapting to the story? Because every chapter and short story is done by another artist, each looking FANTASTIC. This team of artist gives every chapter a totally different feel and looks damn good in the process.

Crawl or Die

Director: Oklahoma Ward
Starring: Nicole Alonso

You've never seen Crawl or Die?! Well you should! Maybe a synopsis will help convince you: In the future, a group of mercenaries is working to save the life of one of the only fertile females left. To escape the sinister forces around them, they steal away to an underground tunnel system. As they continue their adventure, they find the tunnels getting more narrow, and a predator on their trail...

A tale of claustrophobia, monsters, and badass female characters, Oklahoma Ward and Nicole Alonso have been working tirelessly to get this first part of their trilogy out there. There fan base is continuously growing, and after seeing this film it's easy to tell why! Listen as we discuss how the movie was made, what's next for the franchise, and how it relates to comics! These two know their stuff, and are just all around great folks!

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