MCC #17- The Abandoned

CORRECTION!!! In the podcast I mention that Tokyopop has gone out of business. APPARENTLY they are releasing books again but in small doses. Just want you folks to have the right facts.

Took a break last week... but I'm back! Now you can hear all about zombies and gore and what I've been reading! This is a very short and to the point episode that YOU can check out on iTunes by searching the store or clicking here! There's also the PodOmatic way. The choice is yours!

The Abandoned


Completely by Sophie Campbell

The Abandoned tells the story of Rylie, her girlfriend Naomi, and all of there friends who live in sunny Savannah and lead slow but mostly happy lives. It quickly becomes apparent to Rylie and her pals that the town has been overrun by zombies, coinciding with the arrival of a hurricane. The group gathers at Naomi's apartmentto try to keep away from the undead scourge. As time passes, tensions grow high while the number of zombies waiting outside continues to grow. Rylie has a heart of gold, but that may not be enough.

Sophie Campbell (Wet Moon, Shadoweyes, Jem and the Holograms) writes a group of characters that you can't help but root surviving a situation that seems truly hopeless. However, the despair is broken up by moments of charming character development and wonderful relationships. She brings her extremely original art style to the story, providing characters that look incredible and violence that will make you cringe! Listen to the episode for more info and check out more of Sophie's art here.

There you have it, short and sweet. No spotlight on what's coming out this week (mostly because I wasn't sure when this episode was going to come out). Just a reminder, Miles Greb's comic After the Gold Rush is doing it's thing on Kickstarter. Gain some karma and a good read by backing it!

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