MCC Podcast #14- Nimona & After the Gold Rush

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Writer/Artist: Noelle Stevenson

Nimona is the story of a shape shifting young lady who teams up with the dastardly villain Ballister Blackheart. Together the duo gets into all sorts of mischief, including uncovering conspiracies and thwarting the local government.What Ballister doesn't know is that his new henchwoman is much more than meets the eye.

Noelle Stevenson combines fun and friendship into a story that definitely has it's silly moments but also has a solid action foundation. You'll feel things for the characters and honestly will not be able to put this down. The art on the cover is exactly what the art in the book looks like, vibrant and just all around fantastic. For real, this found a place in my top 5 VERY quickly. Do yourselves a favor and check out Noelle's website. Oh look! HERE IT IS NOW!

After the Gold Rush is a comic that is getting launched on Kickstarter VERY soon. It's written by Miles Greb who I interviewed for this very podcast! The story follows Scout, a girl living in a godless place where science is coming back in a big way. Greb also mentioned that the story is giving a much more positive look at the future then most other sci-fi tales, and that's a real relief. I'll post the Kickstarter once it's live but MEANWHILE check out the website:

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ONE MORE THING! Blood & Gourd #2 has an active Kickstarter now that has some great deals to get you this new issue as well as the first. It's literally a killer story so give it a look-see here!

Alright you crazy kids. Thanks again for listening and join me next time as I discuss Spera vol. 1 and interview Oklahoma Ward and Nicole Alonso of Crawl or Die fame!

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