MCC Podcast #13- Nailbiter


Image Comics

Writer: Josh Williamson
Art: Mike Henderson
Colors: Adam Guzlowski
Letters: John J. Hill

What?! Music City Comics going weekly?!?! Impossible! 

Nope, it's possible and it's happening. Maybe for just this week... maybe FOREVER! Who knows? Not me! (I probably should though...)

This episode I am joined by guest co-host Nikki Dunn! A fan of comics, beer, and Hackslash cosplay! She is Twitterless, but check out her Instagram RIGHT HERE!

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Nailbiter follows Nicholas Finch, an army interrogator who finds his friend missing in Buckaroo, Oregon, where serial killers are born. With the help of the town's sheriff and an acquitted murderer, Finch hopes to get to locate his pal and figure out why the town spawns so many deranged killers.

In this podcast I mention teamwork and symmetry a bunch, and that's because Williamson and Henderson have it in spades. This book has so much talent exploding out of every page that it's crazy. With flawed protagonist's and cunning, dangerous antagonists, as well as a no nonsense town that is just as much a part of the story as the main cast, this story has been and will continue to go to incredible places. It isn't just those two creators though, the whole team on this book has a serious dedication to an incredible product. Listen to the episode to see what we mean! (Do it, DO IT!)

Oh, by the way! We mention a video short from the new Image series Sons of the Devil. Check that video out on Vimeo. Cool, creepy stuff.

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Here's what issues come out this Wednesday:
  • 215 Ink- Enormous
    • Writer: Tim Daniel
    • Artist: Mehdi Cheggour
  • Archie- Archie vs. Sharknado
    • Writers: Anthony C. Ferrante & Dan Parent
    • Artists: Dan Parent & Rich Koslowski
  • BOOM Studios- Power Up
    • Writer: Kate Leth
    • Artist: Matt Cummings
  • Graphic India- Stan Lee's Chakra the Invincible
    • Writer: Ashwin Pande
    • Artist: Jeevan Kang
  • Valiant- Book of Death: Fall of Bloodshot
    • Writer: Jeff Lemire
    • Artist: Doug Braithewaite
  • Image- Wolf
    • Writer: Ales Kot
    • Artists: Matt Taylor & Lee Loughridge
Annnnnd here are the graphic novels:
  • IDW- October Faction vol. 1
    • Writer: Steve Niles
    • Artist: Damien Worm
  • IDW- Robert A. Heinlein's Citizen of the Galaxy
    • Writer: Robert Lazaro & Eric Gignac
    • Artist: Steve Erwin
  • IDW- Motorcycle Samurai vol. 1
    • Writer/Artist: Chris Sheridan
  • IDW- Tim Ginger
    • Writer/Artist: Julian Hanshaw
  • Vertigo- Vertigo CMYK
    • Writer/Artist: Various
  • Image- Dream Merchant
    • Writer: Nathan Edmondson
    • Artists: Konstantin Novosadov
  • Alternative Comics- Conditions on the Ground
    • Writer/Artist: Kevin Hooyman
  • Canton Street Press- Original Ghost Rider vol. 1
    • Writers: Gardner Fox & Ray Krank
    • Artists: Dick Ayers & Frank Frazetta
  • Darkrose Studios- Treadwater vol. 1
    • Writer: Morgan Rosenblum
    • Artists: Ray Dillon & Don Macnab Stark
  • Fantagraphics- Dante Bukowski
    • Writer/Artist: Noah Van Sciver
  • Fantagraphics- Demons & Angels: Mythology of S. Clay Wilson
    • Writer/Artist: S. Clay Wilson
  • Schwartz & Wade- Steve Jobs: Insanely Great
    • Writer/Artist: Jessie Hartland
  • Titan- Something at the Window is Scratching
    • Writer/Artist: Roman Dirge
Thanks again for listening, join me next time as I discuss NIMONA (for realz this time)!

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