MCC POdcast #12- Bandette vol. 1

 Bandette Vol. 1: Presto

Dark Horse

Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Colleen Coover

Well friends, here we are once again for the 12th episode of the Music City Comics podcast! Join me as I discuss some great reads, announce a contest, clue you in on some Star Wars deals, and delve into Bandette vol. 1!

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Bandette is the story of a young thief who deals with stealing from the sinister with a smile. Throughout this story, she must face matadors, arch nemeses, and evil business cults. Crazy, but all in a days worth for the cheery thief that has one the hearts of everyone in France!

Tobin and Coover originally published this through Monkeybrain as a digital comic (which you can still get here). They have created a work that is pure fun with an excess of heart and charm. Bandette's adventures are perfect for any audience, and with the female protagonist constantly confident, cheery, and all around great, should be viewed by every audience. The hardcover graphic novel is very reasonably priced. Listen to the podcast for more!

Everyone! Thanks so much for listening to this episode (I'm assuming if you've made it this far in the notes then you've listened)!

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The comic series starting this week are:
  • Dark Horse Comics- Death Head
    • Written by Zack Keller & Nick Keller
    • Art by Joanna Estep
  • IDW- Godzilla in Hell
    • Written & drawn by James Stokoe
  • Image Comics- Island
    • Written & drawn by Brandon Graham & various others
  • Amdale Media LLC- Comic Fandom Quarterly
    • Written & drawn by various creators
  • Action Lab Danger Zone- Gravedigger
    • Written by Christopher Mills
    • Art by Rick Burchett
  • Graphic India- Mistry PI
    • Written by Ashwin Pande
    • Art by Arjuna Susini
  • Valiant- Book of Death
    • Written by Robert Venditti
    • Drawn by Robert Gill & Doug Braithewaite
Graphic novels coming out this week are:
  • Image Comics- Penny Dora and the Wishing Box vol. 1
    • Written by Michael Stock
    • Art by Sina Grace
  • Image Comics- Red One vol. 1
    • Written by Xavier Dorison
    • Art by Terry & Rachel Dodson
  • Big Planet Comics- An Entity Observes All Things
    • Written & drawn by Box Brown
  • BOOM Studiois- Long Walk to Valhalla
    • Written by Adam Smith
    • Drawn by Matt Fox
Join me next time as I discuss what MAY be my favorite graphic novel of all time... the webcomic known as:

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